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Parkinson’s and Brain Health


Parkinson’s disease is one of the most severely crippling chronic disorders of the nervous system and the brain center involved in the control and regulation of movement.
A variety of genetic and environmental factors underlie the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Emergent research implicates relative nutritional deficiencies, neurotoxicity created by methylation collapse and brain injury to be a major contributor to neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.
The initial event leading to Parkinson’s disease is damage to the post-synaptic dopamine neurons of the substantia nigra of the brain which regulate fine motor control. Parkinson’s disease is classified as a progressive neurodegenerative disease meaning that the initial damage continues and is the cause of deterioration.
Symptoms of Parkinson’s may be vague and progress in phases over many years before reaching a point where they interfere with normal daily activities. About 50 percent of people with Parkinson’s experience fatigue which typically develops early in the course of the disease.
Cause and mechanism of fatigue may be the result of the changes taking place in the brain. A feeling of deep tiredness can come on unexpected, causing people who were once active and energetic to be unable to work and participate in social activities. Stress can worsen fatigue.

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-What causes Parkinson’s? Head injuries seem to be a big contributor. Where does the lack of HCL figure in? SIBO is another bad guy in this story as well as amalgam fillings.

-Industrialized areas of the world have a higher incidence of Parkinson’s

-What happens when you have a head injury? How can it cause Parkinson’s?

-How does the allopathic medical model handle Parkinson’s and why doesn’t it work? The drugs are so damaging that if a patient comes to Dr. Ross after many years on them, he cannot work with them because they are so damaged systemically

-What are neurotransmitters and what are their functions? Dr. Ross talks about dopamine and serotonin; what causes these 2 to become imbalanced?

-Parkinson’s is getting worse year by year

-Understanding the beneficial role of glutathione

-The critical role of amino acids for healing Parkinson’s symptoms




Dr. Ross Stewart on Parkinson’s and brain health and his natural work with amino acids, April 29, 2019

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