Dr. Rulin Xiu

What We Believe to Be True Is What We Create

Dr. Rulin Xiu is a true anomaly. Although Dr. Rulin is a degreed physicist, her friends around the world know her for her infectious laugh and deep caring for everyone. At the tender age of 6, with zero training, Rulin had an uncanny (maybe mystical) ability to be drawn to exotic herbs in the remote region of the Qinling mountain range in China.

The Qinling Mountains host “The Cradle of Chinese Civilization” and are one of the most biologically rich temperate forests in the world. This exotic area supports a huge variety of plant and wildlife, some of which is found nowhere else on Earth!

Seven panda “villages” of 10 to 20 pandas each have been found to live here in stone cave communities in the mountains. In the midst of this exotic beauty, a little girl dumbfounded the adults…

The owners of herbal stores here couldn’t figure out how this innocent little 6-year-old girl would show up at their doorsteps to sell them the very precious herbs they wanted… but they bought them from her nonetheless!

Fast forward, Dr. Rulin founded Pharm East, Inc. in Washington DC. In 1999 she went on to establish Pharm China, a research, and manufacturing facility managed by her family in China. In 2002, she established Pharm East Hawaii, which quickly became Hawaii ‘s #1 noni producer in just over a year.

But this was just the beginning…. Fascinated by Chinese and Tibetan herbal medicine since childhood, Dr. Rulin now researches, studies, invents and develops unique herbal formulas, mainly based on ancient Asian medicine and modern research.

Since 1996, she has developed, licensed out and manufactured several patented, proprietary formulas. Some of these formulations are now among the best-selling in the natural products industry. While she respects traditional wisdom, Dr. Rulin strongly emphasizes scientific studies to test herbal healing effects, which is why her remedies are rooted in tradition, but backed by scientific validation.

This is a fascinating and inspirational interview with Dr. Rulin, who happens to be physicist so listen up. She delivers a message which should be of some comfort during this time of crisis

The effects of anything is determined by you. Understanding this from a point of quantum physics.

We truly create our own reality which is very scientific. It’s so simple, people just won’t believe it.

This world is created with our own consciousness

We are basically manifesting COVID-19 out of fear

How releasing fear and worry can create a better life

Pearlcium: We love this product that Dr. Ruli has created. She explains the process and tells us why and how it works

Soul, Mind, Body: Are they separate or are they one?

Reincarnation: Dr. Rulin shares her ideas about why we choose to come back into another physical life

Do affirmations work? There’s a big difference between just saying them and really knowing that they will work

A great awakening has occurred thru the COVID-19 crisis. We need to focus on the positive and spread positive information and say ‘no’ to the negative

Heal yourself with Dr. Rulin’s healing courses

Releasing jealousy

Dr. Rulin Xiu, creating our reality is quite simple, we all do it every moment, every day, April 7, 2020

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