Dr. Seberger M.D. Ph.D.

Cognitive Performance Health

Dr. Seberger is most passionate about stress/cortisol, and neurofeedback treatments to reduce stress. There are good models of how stress is affecting mitochondrial function, essentially stove piping energy production. Once this is reduced, there is increased ATP production, lower insulin levels, and improved brain function. He also focuses on the effects of chemicals on this system, having worked out detoxification systems for this, using a FDA approved drug, cholestyramine as a binder, and then have patients with increased testosterone, improved memory/brain function, and then as part of a treatment for PCOS. Alas, this combination of cholestryramine, low carbohydrate diet, and neurofeedback for stress reduction has been successful with improved PCOS symptoms, to the point that women who may have a period of as little as once a year, are now regularly having a period and are able to have a pregnancy. So, it is the very rare combination of chemicals and stress that is important, as these lead to worsening brain function. Alas, brain function is related to reproductive function.

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The body appears to keep the score on our day to day life and our reaction or non reaction to it

Breathing, learning to live in the the World with less breaths and how velocity of breaths affects everything

We ask Dr. Seberger if in an emergency room situation where he is totally present, with mindful stress or concern, if the body still feels and is affected in a a negative way

Learn about cortisol and its unique role in the our body

It is shown the chemical DDT has a half life of thirty years

Dr. Seberger talks about the microbiome and its relationship with most all bodily functions

Facts show that dementia in one person affects to other in a relationship by six times “normal”

The role of magnesium and it’s importance continues to make itself known over and over

Dr. Thomas Lewis introduced him to Dr. Tremp where is was quite affected by the work Dr. Tremp was doing with infections, the eyes and dementia

Dr. Seberge uses Cold Liver Oil with excellent results with his patients

He talks about a urine test for mold exposure in the body during the show

He likes hot yoga an sweating in general for detoxification

We close the show talking about the difference between the mind and the brain and why it matters

Dr James Seberger M.D., PhD on stress and the human condition and its affects on the body, September 9, 2019  ONE

Dr James Seberger M.D., PhD on stress and the human condition and its affects on the body, September 9, 2019  TWO

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