Tin Foil Hat Wednesday

Hair raising topics that’ll make your head explode

Dr. Steve Shiver

Grow yourself around a new reality

And more on regrowing the neck..one of Dr. Steve’s major nuggets of gold with healing the body

Steve Shiver D.C. is a 40 yr DC as primary care physician, 1st in Texas and now Arkansas. His primary mentors are Adano Ley swami, George Goodheart applied kinesiology and Alan Beardall clinical kinesiology. Diplomats in Clinical Neurology, Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition. Training in Europe on German acupuncture/electronic homeopathic diagnosis/therapy by Dr. Voll and Dr. Schimel Vega testing.  He toured China experiencing traditional bare foot village medicine to hospital surgeries with just accup. anesthesia.  A few times over, trained in functional medicine diagnostics with injectables & IV’s and chelation. He took a cancer patient to Dr. Livingston-Wheeler clinic to both successfully cure her pelvic lymphatic CA and learn the protocols.

Here’s just a few of the ideas we danced with during this show

  • Mouth Breathing Anunnaki and their experimenting with muting their DNA with us humans
  • Getting to a State of Yogic Death
  • Stories of Steve’s adventures in France where he studied Fancy Cancer; cosmic glandular implants; venom homeopathy;
  • Local food and radiation protection
  • Four Generations of cooked food can literally cook a species
  • The Hormetic Effect: A little of something that doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger
  • The downsides of getting too pure while still in a body
  • Staying in Theta brain state while the body sleeps

More show notes:

Trauma, and the way the body reacts to these incidents 

We talk about pain..going into it, around it or what’s the most efficient way to work with pain

The right experience at the right place at the right time for all concerned

Steve talks about his experience with Silva Mind Control

Cooking food, depending on temperature and such causes increases in the white blood cell count

The upper cervical is key to freeing up the nerves and thus the energy throughout the body

The important of minerals in our ongoing challenge of staying healthy. Dust to dust

635 nano meter red laser light for healing

A few emails:

What can I do about chronic low level dizziness, diagnosed as “vestibular migraine”…it has created massive depression, loss of job, miserable life…could tinnitus be related to this? Will he see patients again?

Can Dr. Shivers suggest some permanent cures for Bruxism, which is when a person grinds their teeth at night?

Atom introduced us to Dr. Steve and writes this email during the show:  Any ideas why C1, C2, and C3 relate to the little toe in Foot Reflexology, and C4 to the coccyx (and everything in between) relate to the big toe?

Why does my tummy bloat ?? Am I allergic to a bunch of foods or what is your thought on what’s going on inside my tummy

Since this is woo-woo Wednesday….

A friend complains that her mom and others who live in the same apartment complex with her..are mentally interfering with her…in a psychic manner. She asked me what to do.   I told her to leave..Get the heck outta Dodge!

I would’ve thought she was crazy..except ..I too once felt like black magic was directed against me, causing car accidents and other scarey things. I changed that by playing happy joyous music all day long and singing at the the top of my lungs as I drove in my car.

Patrick could you ask Dr. Shiver which brand of minerals he finds the best quality. How many different
minerals are contained in his recommended formula? I had a hard time understanding his explanation of
the adjustment for sleep apnea. What adjustment would i ask my chiropractor for to correct this.
thank you.

What does Steve recommend for folks who experience weird stuff like this?

Dr. Steve gave us a short singing version of this song folks would sing with Adano Ley

We love you We love you
We love you

Oh dear ELEMENTALS we do.

All BEINGS of air, fire and water
And BEINGS of earth 
We love you.

Free all ELEMENTALS the great, the small

With them gives PROTECTION to all!

Sung to the music of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean…Lyrics by Acabo Let

Dr. Steve Shiver D.C. with a special tin foil hat natural healing show, May 29, 2019, ONE

Dr. Steve Shiver D.C. with a special tin foil hat natural healing show, May 29, 2019, TWO

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