Adam and Josh Bigelsen

Holographic Blood: 40 years of utilizing the Terrain Paradigm: Messages in the Blood

Are you aware that your physical issues could be related to your emotions? Or that your lack of energy could be related to your teeth? Or that your emotional imbalances could be the result of your body being physically out of alignment? All of these are things that Dr. Harvey Bigelsen was able to see by looking into our body’s terrain. The Bigelsen method of Holographic Blood® and how it relates to your health and wellness. If you have questions regarding your health…the answers are in the blood. “Over the course of his 25 years of research, Dr. Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood in order to understand a person’s total health. He has found that blood, like water, is a messenger of a person’s emotion and consciousness. This is exciting and spectacular research and my hope is that it will be shared with the world.” 

Father Dr. Harvey Bigelsen looked at blood for over 30 years.  Was an eye surgeon.

Patient tried an alternative procedure to Dr. Bigelsen’s usual surgical procedure.  Got better, 5 doctors turned Dr. Bigelsen into the medical board.

Adam got sick with mono, was miraculously healed by a German regenerative medicine doctor doing microscope work.

Take a drop of blood, look at it with a microscope.  Shows health condition now plus things from the past.

Bigelsen’s work Is not live blood analysis.

With their special microscope, can see holographic images in the blood.  It’s all about the terrain.  Shows the root cause, which is not a germ or parasite.  The terrain is what the germ lives in.

Everything has its own frequency.  Body is a perfect symphony unless something disturbs it.

We are part of nature.  It’s the blood telling us what we are concerned about.  4 aspects of our terrain: physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual.

You can’t get better unless you believe you can.  Thoughts are energy.  Everything is emotionally triggered.

Emoto did with water what he tried to do with blood first.

Cancer is mold, which is reflected in pH.  Diet contributes little to the body’s pH.  It’s the associated emotion that changes pH.

Cancer patients have highly alkaline blood.  If pH is <7.35, cancer can’t exist.

Body puts patients into acidic blood mode and they put out alkaline waste.  55% of blood is plasma, the river of life.

Terrain is the environment, the everything, inside and out. 

Fear is perfect environment for poor health. 

We’re a big bag of jello.  If structure is out of alignment, it affects energy flow.

Liver problems can be from misalignment or anger.  Liver is the result of some imbalance in your terrain.

Everything is emotionally triggered, which affects the physical.  Must treat the physical, but also need to address the emotion.

Liver working properly can change the emotions.  Have to change the attitude.

Homotoxicology chart shows progression of disease.  6th stage is cancer.

Bigelsen Academy.

Do we ever want to go into the body and kill something?  No.  Nature doesn’t work in anti.  Calling it anti something weakens the nature of a herb.  We’ve evolved through symbiosis.

Lamarck says we’re living in a cooperative experience.  If a parasite attaches, the body adjusts.

Their practice consists of holographic blood work and running the Bigelsen Academy school of health.  Work with clients long-distance via webinairs so they can take care of themselves.

Showed a number of slides of blood.  Differential markers are size, slope, count, size, shape, debris, plasma activity, aerobiosis.  Things manifest where body is weak.  Shows emotions.

Concept of autoimmune disease is Orwellian.

Joy is strongest emotion.  We need joy every day.

Strengthen your soil.

Have to be aware of a problem to be able to fix it.

We have to have sadness to have joy.  Separate yourself from the emotion and shake it off.

Adam appreciates that the pandemic has made everyone wake up and appreciate their health.  It’s new paradigm time.  Germ theory is a failure.  There is truth in nature.

13 week course at  Introduction to Terrain Paradigm through the Bigelsen Method of Holographic Blood.

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