Glen Swartwout

The Wizard of Wellness

Dr. Glen Swartwout is a scientific explorer and cartographer of the uncharted territories in health and wellness, bringing us a new roadmap for accelerated self-healing, age reversal and remission of disease as an inner journey of time travel to fulfill incomplete missions of healing encountered in our past and even that of our ancestors. Impossibility can never be proven, only possibility, but only if we try. The core of his method relies on biocommunication to discover the elements of nature, whether material, energetic or informational, that restore a state of biological coherence in real time, allowing the body to reverse accumulated damage on its self-governing pathways at 12X speed.​

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Dr. Glen Swartwout, O.D., N.D., is based in Hilo, Hawaii, where “you can have a bad month, but never a bad year.”

He’s the Wizard of Wellness, and he does Remote Testing and Accelerated Self-Healing.

“What are your main modalities of healing?”, asks Patrick. Dr. Swartwout uses natural botanical remedies, EMF energy, infrared therapy, and China bowl and tuning fork sound healing at 172 Hertz.

172 Hertz is the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature, and attracts superconductive spirit minerals. This metric standard was kept secure in the Forbidden City for thousands of years, and was considered more sacred than the Emperor himself.

These superconductive spirit minerals include the platinum group of metals. What is ORMUS? How does this white powder relate to 172 cycles per second and modern alchemy?

“We are our future self,” according to Dr. Swartwout.

What is meant by the “sky inside the skull”? How are we connected to the time-space continuum? Are we self-healing and self-navigating? Is our body a manifestation of our state of consciousness and divine source?

Drugs and surgery don’t remove the cause of a disease. How does suppressing both a disease and its accompanying pain result in two diseases instead of one?

What is the “head of the causal chain”? Why do mainstream doctors and hospitals have it backwards, wagging the dog with the tail?

Is it better to minimize a “weaponized food” than eliminate it? What is “conscious eating”?

Is white sugar a weaponized food? How are foods weaponized? Can the spirit be removed from a food?

Can cannabis be weaponized? Is cannabis a carrier of minerals?

If you take the spirit or soul out of a plant it becomes weaponized or soul-depleting.

How do drugs destroy empathy?

“Mercury is the great masquerader of the mineral kingdom,” according to Dr. Swartwout. He explains how mercury toxicity caused him to be diagnosed with glaucoma. He was dying from mercury poisoning.

Taking an aspirin may get rid of a headache, but it guarantees more headaches in the future.

Symptoms are an expression of the healing force. You don’t suppress the symptoms; you find the cause. You either face the challenge or you back away from it.

Dr. Swartwout explains the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, the only patented muscle response test in the world. He uses it for Remote Testing.

Patrick asks Dr. Swartwout about the living conditions on the Big Island of Hawaii. They discuss the annual 135 inches of rain on the island and the 200 varieties of avocados.


Noni is juiced and bottled on the island too. It’s one of the first things that will grow on a new lava flow. “The noni gathers the spirit from the rock,” says Dr. Swartwout.

What happens when noni is picked green?

Dr. Swartwout does Remote Testing on Patrick’s photograph. He’s been a medical empath for 35 years, and gives a detailed analysis.

What is Retracing? Why does healing work in reverse?

Eyes come up in the conversation because Dr. Swartwout is an optometrist and the son of one too.

What can be done for a central retinal vein occlusion? What about pterygia?

“One of the highest indicators of longevity is the clarity of the lenses of the eye,” says Dr. Swartwout.

Patrick asks if he can adapt a Tenet Bio-Modulator to Dr. Swartwout’s methods of healing. The answer is a definite “Yes.”

What is the Biological Theory of Everything? It involves the hydrogen molecule.


Glenn Swartwout and fascinating ideas on his work called accelerated healing, April 21, 2021

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