The Most Regenerative and Longevity Supportive Diet Yet Devised!

An interview with Stephen Heuer
1. How many types of diets have you tried? Cooked Vegan, Cooked Lacto/Ovo Vegetarian, Raw Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Zone Diet, 80/10/10 diet, Blood Type Diet, Weston A Price Diet and raw Paleo, which is raw meats, eggs, cheese and vegetable juices.

Lou with Smoothie.22. What have you observed with regards to the health of people who have been on all of these diets? I’ve observed people’s blood via darkfield microscopic analysis. The people with the cleanest and healthiest looking blood were always the raw vegetarians. The only limitation was a lack of protein. The Weston A Price folks show advanced signs of aging if they’ve been on the diet for a long time and are in their 60’s or 70’s. The cooked food vegan vegetarians cannot get satisfied with protein and so eat a lot of or crave sugar. People on cooked foods always show some degree of unhealthy blood. This is partly due to the free radical damage caused by cooked foods. This creates a state of inflammation and when you get older and your liver cannot keep up with detoxification, then you have chronic inflammation and in accelerated deterioration. I am still a proponent of supplemental calcium if the saliva pH is not kept at 7.2 to 7.4 on this diet. My reference point for the ideal salvia pH has changed. Instead of it being 6.4 it should be 7.2-7.4. This is based on some new information I just got from a Chiropractor that traveled to Nepal 10 months ago. The Nepalese people are a short people ranging for 4’9” to 5’9”. This particular group of Nepalese men were the workers, they carried the back packs for the visitors from America interested in hiking the mountains of Nepal. These men also carried all the tools and equipment needed to rebuild homes or buildings that had collapse from a recent earthquake. Despite their size they could carry 400lbs on the backs and heads and hike long distances at 17,000 foot. Their diet is sprouted rice, sprout lentils, raw, fermented and cooked versions. They eat a plant based diet and raw. Their saliva pH is 7.2 to 7.4.

The most effective products we have for alkalizing the body are Lime Water and Cal-II. Limewater is Calcium Hydroxide with Sulfur in a liquid state. Cal-II is Calcium Hydroxide with nutritional yeast in pill form. In the beginning stages of being on a more plant based or exclusively plant based diet, the body will be acidic from previously consuming animal products and cooked foods for so long. So taking Lime Water and Cal-II can be very therapeutically helpful. Making it easier to feel better quicker and improve oxygenation of the body. Take 1 Tablespoon of Lime Water 2T per day and 1-3 caps of Cal-II 2-3x per day. You’ll know how much to take by keeping track of your saliva pH. You are trying to keep it in the 7.2-7.4 range.

Also we just got a case history regarding our Lime Water;Pike.1
Product arrived on time and I got exactly what I ordered. I ordered this to help my 13 year old with the coming out of his 12-year molars. They were delayed and orthodontist suggested a surgery to help them out. A friend recommended this limewater and a week after he started taking it his molars are starting to bulge out. It saved us money on an unnecessary surgery. No joke!
3. How many fasts have you done to cleanse your intestines and body? Around 17, 7 to 19 day long, juice and water fasts with intestinal cleansing. Yet no matter how much cleansing I’ve done, the toxins were always reintroduced via a cooked food diet.

4. Please explain why you believe a cooked food diet in the end accelerates aging and brings about the creation of disease? I’d like to refer to the study done by Francis Pottenger.

5. What is the attraction or benefits of the raw juices and raw vegetarian diet? Antioxidant rich foods and juices. Enzymes are present. We have an enzyme bank account that is getting depleted the longer we are on a cooked food diet.

6. What is the Raw Living Foods Diet and how is it different from the Raw Food Diet?
The biggest drawback to the Raw Vegetarian diet is a lack of protein. Everyone fails on this diet, due to a lack of protein and amino acids. On the Raw Living Foods diet you can finally overcome this limitation, as the proteins will be received from predigested nuts and seeds. The secret or key to making this diet work is soaking nuts and seeds for 12 to 24 hours. This soaking eliminates the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. If the seed can germinate like the sunflower, sesame, or pumpkin seeds, then let the seed germinate for 1 to 2 days. With almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts or pine nuts the nut does not germinate. If using sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seeds then only soak for 8 hours then drain and rinse 2x per day for 1 to 2 days and it will germinate. Once you’ve got your nut or seeds ready then you add 1 to 2 cups to your blender with enough pure water to convert into a puree. The best blenders are Blend Tech or Ninja, however a Kitchenaid will work. Add 1 scoop of Liyf Biotic to the nuts or seeds and Puree. Then pour puree into a mason jar or glass or ceramic container and put in a warm place. I put this puree into my oven and turn the oven light on. The oven light keeps is about 80 degrees. You can use a yogurt maker or a dehydrator as perfect places to keep the contents warm. Liyf Biotic has unique probiotic bacteria strains that will digest protein. The Liyf Biotic will digest the proteins and fats in the nuts and seeds into amino acids and fatty acids. This predigestion is the key to feeding the body with enough protein and fatty acids so that the body will repair and detoxify.

The man that introduced me to this diet just visited my home for 4 days. At the age of 21 he was constipated, had severe acne, was on medication for asthma and a tumor on his neck. He had a near death experience and was shown what he needed to do to get well. He prayed for guidance and a teacher showed up in his life that showed him this diet. He detoxified his body by eating just herbs for 2 months then 45 days on water melon, then he started on this diet Raw Living foods Diet. In 6 months the constipation was gone, the acne was gone, and the tumor was gone. He’s been on this diet for 43 years. He is now 64 and looks 39 or 40. He has more strength and energy than any man I’ve ever met.

7. What is the overall philosophy that in developer of this diet Lou Corona subscribes to? 

4 Principles

8. What are the components of this diet?

Lemon Ginger Blast, Gorilla Milk, Almond Yogurt, Almond Coconut Yogurt, other nut or seed yogurts, supplemental enzymes with meals and in between meals. Supplemental food based multivitamin and amino acid power from rice bran and other plant foods, Raw Liyf Protein. So the supplements that are needed are Liyf Biotic, Liyf Zymes and then if you can go further get, Purazyme and Liyf Essentials. If you are motivated to cleanse the intestines to prepare your body for better absorption then add Puradayme Cleanse.

Plank 19.09.158. What are some results people have had on this diet?

A 6’ tall man could not digest regular unsoaked nuts or meats. His weight was down to 100lbs. He gets on this diet and in 12 months he is up to 180lbs. I’ve heard several case histories of every overweight person returns to an ideal weight and figure on this diet. There a lot of other amazing testimonies I heard that I’d like to share here but the results are too powerful to talk about. But you should be able to read about them on our website by Wed of this week.

The most important benefit I feel that is happening on this diet is that your whole being is being attuned to the life force of creation. You feel more peaceful and happy in mood. I believe that the DNA of the body operates in part as a radio transmitter and receiver. That when we eat a plant based diet as we are designed to do, that your entire body is more attuned to Nature’s regenerative and life giving frequencies. Look at God, God is constantly regenerating God’s self. So too are we designed to do the same.

9. Is there a recipe guide we can access? Yes, the small synopsis of recipes can be found in the pdf document you have posted or that can be obtained from Synergistic Nutrition and there will be other recipes posted on the Synergistic Nutrition website by Feb 17, 2016.


Products that support living on this diet are:

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