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Raw Living Foods for Optimum Health


A typical American growing up in the New Jersey/New York area, Brian likes to joke that he was a pioneer in the field of obesity—he was fat even before many Americans were fat! Raised in an Irish household on the standard American diet of meat, processed foods and sugary sodas, he was unfit and gasping for air every few steps. When he was 20 years old, he was dating a girl whose best friend’s boyfriend was 30—and a vegetarian. Despite the fact he had been more or less educated by his family that the body would die without animal-based foods, the lure of an influential peer inspired him to give up meat in one fell swoop. For the first year and a half, he kept his vegetarian diet a secret from his family. Yet after losing 120 pounds and experiencing the difference in his health, he came out of the proverbial closet (much to his family’s dismay!) and became a complete vegan three years later.

Show Highlights:

-Dr. Clement comments on the Weston Price and Paleo style diets, citing them as philosophical, not scientific

-The importance of blue/green algaes

-Anything which can be found in animal foods can be found in living, raw plant foods

-Sprouting chia, flax and other grains

-A word or two on saturated fats

-Changing the digestive tract with clay and probiotics

and so much more!

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brian clement, raw and vegan and healthy, february 26, 2013

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  1. March 4, 2013 @ 5:54 am Kim

    My Dearest Trevor,

    Thank you for your refreshing comments! You unwittingly made Dr. Clements point. Your inability to listen and comprehend is a direct result of what you are putting into your body. Just in case you missed it, Dr.Clement has stated repeatedly that ALL of what he says is 100% based on Scientific research based on the 100’s and 1000’s of people who come to Hippocrates with life threating illnesses. These people have thier essentials tested and most are followed throughout thier lifetime. No on, no thing, has more scientifisc documentation that he has. So, Dear Trevor, if you have health concerns, give it a try before you eliminate this great opportunity and yourself!!!


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