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Valerie Blankenship

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Integrative Herbal Medicine
Valerie Blankenship has over 24 years experience in the herbal field as a clinician, formulator, medicine maker and educator. She holds certifications from Wild Rose College, David Hoffmann’s Therapeutic Herbalism program and The School of Natural Healing. She attends topical herbal intensives yearly through The American Herbalists Guild and Naturopathic Colleges and is a member of the American Herbalist’s Guild. She has completed intensive training in integrative holistic treatments with the the renowned clinician Donald Yance, through his ECLECTIC TRIPHASIC™ MEDICAL SYSTEM (ETMS).


Valerie Blankenship

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Show Highlights:

-Topical medicinal marijuana for skin cancer

-Holistic medicine addresses the whole person

-Skin problems often indicate gut issues

-Why Valerie leans more toward recommending a paleo diet

-Herbs that help heal the gut

-The things that cause serious auto-immune issues

-A caller needs advice for chronic diarrhea

and more!!

valerie blankenship on herbal healing and more, march 3, 2015

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  1. March 9, 2015 @ 11:01 am Emily

    I would have told the caller that the reason the diarrhea stops with the yogurt is due to the fact that it is dairy and is very binding. It is NOT healthful however. What I would have recommended to stop the loose bowels would have been Slippery Elm. I have recommended that often to friends and used it with pets. I also would have asked the caller how he defined “optimal”. Lots of people think whole grain bread, dairy, eggs and even meat are part of a healthful diet. Actually the optimal diet is closer to what a primate eats as our digestive tracks are 98 percent the same. If the truth be told, almost all a person’s ills would go away if they cleaned themselves out eating mostly raw organic fruit (and the simple sugars in fruit IS needed by the body); some leafy greens and raw vegetables with a few nuts and seeds. These foods all retain life force and life begets life. Additionally, just fasting to give your stomach a rest and allow the energy to focus on HEALING and eating simply instead of using valuable energy trying to digest more undigestible dead (cooked) food.


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