Max Igan

Globalist Expert

Max Igan is an Australian Activist who currently lives in New South Wales, Australia. At his core…he is an ARTIST – both musical and visual, adept in Photoshop, Bryce and a few other 3D programs.

Ultimately, his broad experience of humanity makes him uniquely capable of fresh insights with far-reaching implications.

In his many videos, He brings his powerful vision to lay bare the hidden crimes of the Globalists. Both his intellect and his tongue are sharp and those who seek Freedom are strengthen by his powerful observations that he shares in his videos which can be found on Freedom platforms such as Bitchute, Rumble and many others.

Max is in Acapulco for now.  Had intuition to escape in time from Australia’s persecution and COVID madness. 

Produced American Voice Radio podcasts on Bitchute.  Currently inactive.  Or see Crowhouse at Bitchute.

A globalist is anyone in a position of power.  Governments sell the fear to the population that we need protection from a competing country.  But they all work together, and it’s a scam.

They’re now showing the COVID movie.  Putting perceptions in the minds of the people. 

They’re creating gender turmoil, destroying our immune systems, changing the genome, demonizing carbon and nitrogen.

This is the final war for humanity, and humanity doesn’t know it’s going on.  Casualties now are worse then WW2.  People are realizing the vaccines are killing their children.  Backlash ahead.  Seeing storming of the castle now.

There’s so much corruption in Australia, to take action on it would bring the whole system down. 

Is the US the belly of the beast, that the whole thing goes down if the US doesn’t get cleaned up? 

US still has the most liberties.  Is seen as bastion of freedom. But it’s portrayed as dysfunctional to the rest of the world.  Internal divisions fostered.  They’ve worked to put the US in debt.  Set up for a fall.  If it loses world reserve status, US fortune will plummet overnight.

Midterm elections would be a good time to collapse the economy.

China is one big holding company.  Need a story for why the social credit system was introduced.  Putin is one of the club. 

If you want to conquer a nation, educate their children.  No strong families anymore.

Do they want to turn the US into a third world country and destroy the dollar?

Want to transfer first world assets to the third world.  Want to depopulate the whole world.  Control those left. 

Transgender programs desexualize.  Give hormone blockers to make them gender neutral.

When the sleeping masses wake up, the already wakened need to provide a safety net to those waking up and become allies.

Kurgan Report reads out the VAERS report.  Multiply those deaths by 10 to 100. 

There is a tension building that is ready to explode.  Everyone knows it’s a scam.  They’re rolling back now, to a point, until we calm down, and then they will come back harder. 

Don’t calm down and do not forget what they’ve done.  Unite now and turn on the slavemasters.  Tell them no. 

Trump will not be a savior.  He was a patriot appeasement program.

Increase in myocarditis and heart attacks created a marketing opportunity for home defibrillators.

Because of masks, children not learning how to form words.  Afraid to be around people without masks.

The whole thing in Ukraine is theater.  They could stop the killing, but they need it.

Election was a coup d’état.  They need to go after Joe and Hunter Biden, but they raid Mar-a-Lago.

Anti-meat programming.  They want us to eat insects.  They prefer being up against vegans instead of carnivores.

It’s like a bad movie.  A lot of people have been hurt.  Help them.  Don’t be a I-told-you-so. 

The number of the awakened is getting larger all the time. 

The controllers know the people have had enough.

Why are they doing the China-Russia thing if they’re in on the game?  They have to create a backstory, create an enemy, to explain why the world is the way it is.  E.g. Look at what they did while we were down with COVID.  Or supply-chain problems – nothing to do with us.  Or the option of a cyber attack story, also other possible stories.  Whereas the alternative media says Russia didn’t want NATO on its borders.

It’s a chess game.  They want everyone on a Chinese social credit score, everything smart, everybody genetically altered, completely controlled and on the mainframe.

Everyone’s looking at the theatrics and not realizing it’s a puppet show.  Russia has always been a mythical enemy.

Throw off the chains of all the slavemasters.  Become cooperative.  We don’t need violence.  Government won’t save you from government.  Take care of yourself, get back in touch with your lifeskills.

Max thinks Mexican government is pretty good.  Strong families.

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