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THE GUT MAKEOVER: 4 Weeks to Nourish Your Gut, Revolutionize Your Health, and Lose Weight

Scientists now know that while humans have trillions of our own cells, our bodies have even MORE bacteria that outnumber our own cells over and over again.  Most of these bacteria live in our gut, and they create the microbiome, which is more important to our health than scientists ever realized before.  It serves as the center of our immune system, our second brain, and is responsible for almost every aspect of our well-being.  However, the American diet has been shown to negatively affect the good bacteria in our bodies – how can we learn to eat better, nourish our microbiome and defeat many preventable lifestyle diseases?

Jeannette Hyde is a nutritional therapist who discusses what your microbiome is, why it is so important, and how to feed it properly in her new book, THE GUT MAKEOVER (Green Tree Publishing, May 2017).  She calls the microbiome, “The Forgotten Organ”, because until very recently doctors didn’t think it mattered, yet it is as important to your health as your liver or kidneys.  In the book Hyde clearly outlines how your digestive system works, and shows why green vegetables and other superfoods are your secret weapons against everything from diabetes to eczema.  She also demonstrates how to create a healthy gut, which leads to weight loss, good skin, high energy, positive moods and so much more.

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Show Highlights:

-We have 3-4 lb. of bacteria in intestines. Bacteria is influencing many aspects of our health, including weight, mood, immune system. Need to keep it healthy and working for us.

-Why can’t you just take probiotics? Hit and miss whether the bacteria get down to the colon. Some things work better as a food. Subjects in a study took kefir daily in the morning for a month; their microbiome was flourishing.

-Jeanette has a 4 week program to restore microbiome. 3 hearty meals a day, no snacks, 12 hr. overnight fast.

-Microbiome flourishes with a 12 hour fast. Brain and liver go into regeneration and repair. Hunger hormones rebalance.

-Good protein source: eggs, nuts, seeds. Go easy on lentil, beans, tofu. Lectins can cause irritation and leaky gut.

-Participants on her plan ate a lot of food and lost weight. Normal leptin and ghrelin levels restored.

-Foods for getting the microbiome back: Remove unhealthy foods such as sugar. Remove grains for a month. If bloating, indicates dysbiosis. Eat something like a paleoesque Mediterranean diet.

-Listen to which foods made you feel good.

-Have some protein with each meal. Fill plate with a massive volume of plants. Want variety in fiber and color. Eat probiotic foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, fermented miso, but may need to hold off for a few weeks on them, especially if experiencing bloating.

-Ivan asks about losing lean muscle mass despite eating lots of healthy foods, low level pain, theorizes he has malabsorption. Chronic loose stools is an indicator of malabsorption. If absorption isn’t good, best diet in the world isn’t helping. Relax when eating. Chew food really, really well. Where are you eating? Don’t eat at desk.

-Listener asks: what foods can help remove lipofuscin pigmentation? Broad spectrum of good foods helps skin conditions. Target gut bacteria to work better.

-Juan asks what could lead to slow wound healing such as redness remaining for months after acne or bruises? Need sufficient protein for healing and need to be able to break the protein down in your body and absorb it.

-Suggestions for people who want to restore body fat in their cheeks? Look at general principles, can’t use a reductionist approach. Do Jeannette’s gut makeover.

-Would this diet work for a post-menopausal vegan woman who can’t lose weight, who is now eating beans, grains, no oil? Some people thrive as a vegan, some don’t. Vegan may be the wrong diet for her. Need to be eating for your bones when post-menopausal. Beans don’t agree with everyone. May need to include eggs, nuts, seeds, take a break from beans.

-Lance asks about low flash point of olive oil, is it still good to cook with? Olive oil doesn’t belong in the same category of other liquid oils such as vegetable and canola oil that are carcinogenic with heat. Extra virgin olive oil contains a high polyphenol content, which is an antioxidant and which protects the olive oil from damage. People in the Mediterranean diet arm of a study who were cooking and frying with olive oil did better than people on low-fat diet arm. Had 30% less heart disease, less cancer.

-How about ghee or palm kernel oil? Contain butyric acid which is good at healing the gut lining.

-Intermittent fasting? Do a 12 hour fast daily. Can fast up to 15 hours.

-Does anger have to do with the liver? Definitely.

and more!

Jeannette Hyde and The Gut Makeover, cool information on this subject, May 4, 2017

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