Judy Hoy

The Effects of Glyphosates on Animals and Humans

We’ve talked in depth with many guests over the past several years about the health effects of glyphosates on human health, but what are they doing to the wildlife? Judy Hoy,a Montana wildlife rehabilitator,has been documenting health status of wild animals in the mountains of Western Montana for over forty years. She has noticed a significant degradation in health over the past two decades, mainly consistent with mineral deficiencies and thyroid hormone disruption, and she surmises that the health issues are related to exposure to various pesticides being applied to crops in close proximity to the animals’ habitat.

Judy has been working very closely with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, whom we know very well as we have interviewed her several times. They have a recently published paper which you can access here.

Judy Hoy Pesticides and Human/Animal Diseases

Show Highlights:

-Judy has been a wildlife rehabilitator for 46 years in Bitterroot Valley, Montana; husband is a game warden. In 1994 all the yellow-bellied marmot babies on her property died. In 1995 goats, horses, cattle, other animals started having crooked legs and underbites and dying. In 1994-2001 little kids had epidemic of underbite. Underbite – lower jaw totally normal, upper face and brain underdeveloped. Now overbites in deer more common, where the whole lower jaw is underdeveloped.

-In 2001 deer underbites in the 100 she could study peaked at 56%, dropped to 33% by 2006. Then underbites doubled in one year. Genitalia and heart defects. Heart defects are #1 defect now in children. Increase in hypothyroidism and deficiencies of magnesium, manganese. Manganese causes underbite, if not sufficient, cells can’t take up calcium, affects upper face. Zinc deficiency causes bone malformations. Glyphosate chelates mg, mn, zn. Is also a patented antibiotic – we’re spraying antibiotic on everything.

-Birth defects in children showed a .85 correlation over all 12 of the animal defects, much higher correlations for specific issues.

-Anything connected to calcium deficiency or calcium not going where it’s needed is helped by Calcium Phosphorica (Calc. Phos.) cell salts.

-Non-active ingredients in Roundup disrupt functioning of several gene cells. Sonic hedgehog gene directs placement of teeth and when bones should grow. Bioplasma and Calc. Phos. 30X stop goats from developing facial bone deformities.

-Rodent chow has biologically significant amounts of glyphosate in it, and it’s being fed to lab rodents used in tests of the effect of glyphosates. What?

-Non-active ingredients in glyphosate can be more deleterious than the glyphosate.

-Almost all grains have Roundup in them now. 100,000 lbs used before 1994, then jumped to several million pounds. In 1996, new millions of pounds of Roundup added. Chloronthalonil, a fungicide used in potatoes in Idaho, found coming down in MT snow and rain.

-Bioplasma and #2 Calc.Phos 30X. Take 1 tablet of each, not 4 as bottle states. Are electrolytes, help the cells uptake the minerals they need. Bioplasma effects run out in 3 hours, Calc. Phos 6 hours. Judy takes 1 of each 3 times a day. Keeps goats from having malformed babies. Best to start early in life, but a child was started on them at age 3 and her underdeveloped jaw eventually straightened out.

-Most alfalfa hay is Roundup Ready. Many animals now have underbite.

-Judy has had no migraines, cavities, arthritis since taking 1 of each cell salt 3 times a day for years.

-In 2006, underbites doubled. Had changed to a salt formulation of glyphosate. In 2014-2016, underbites dropped. Don’t know what changed.

-Glyphosate claimed from the beginning not to have caused harm. Can they be sued for fraud? 93% correlation with liver cancer rates. Only way to get it out is to ban it, but it will still be in soil for a long time. Judy also takes sulfur.


The High Cost of Pesticides: Human and Animal Diseases


Judy Hoy and the affects of glyphosates and other chemicals on humans and animals, May 16, 2017

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