Kathleen Marquardt

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Planned Dystopia

Klaus Schwab has been someone in the background of global machinations for many decades. He is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which he formed in 1971 (fifty years ago) as an International NGO (one of the way too many “civil society” partners of the United Nations). The majority of these NGOs are there to promote and embed Agenda 21/2030/The Green New Deal into every country, no matter how small, in the world. Schwab’s WEF was set up to push Public-Private Cooperation, in other words, fascism, across the globe.

Kimberly Amadeo, President of World Money Watch defines fascism as: “a brutal economic system in which a supreme leader and their government controls the private entities that own the factors of production. The four factors are entrepreneurship, capital goods, natural resources, and labor. A central planning authority directs company leaders to work in the national interest, which actively suppresses those who oppose it”.

To simplify and clarify what Public-Private Partnerships PPPs) are:

In a speech at the Freedom 21 National Conference in Dallas in 2007, Tom DeWeese, president of American Policy Center, noted:

During the first years of the Clinton Administration in the early 1990s, there was much fanfare about a new policy to “reinvent government.” It was sold as a way to make government more efficient and less costly. It would, said its proponents, “bring business technologies to public service.”

Pro-business, anti-big-government conservatives and libertarians were intrigued. The backbone of the plan was a call for “public/private partnerships.” Now that sounded like their kind of program. (continue reading)

Show highlights:

What’s going on with the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The World Economic Forum? Agenda 21? The Green New Deal? Is this all just one big group?”, asks Patrick.

How is the Great Reset leading to slavery, where you not only don’t own property, but you don’t even own yourself?

What is the backstory on the Great Reset? What happened at the Yalta Agreement?

“We cant believe anything they tell us,” warns Ms. Marquardt, referring to just about everyone. Our politics have been corrupt for so long, it’s hard to tell who’s not on the take.

The “other side” has many more guns than we do, so major organization will be required to regain our freedom.

“We patriots want to live and let live. We don’t want to tell other people what to do,” says Ms. Marquardt. The globalists want to do the opposite, and they’ve been organizing for decades.

Subsidies are the way to slavery. It was designed exactly for that.

“We all have to agree with what they say.” That’s globalism’s goal. Replacing humans with artificial intelligence is part of the plan.

What’s the difference between a democracy and a republic? Which one supports individual rights?

“In a republic, you get to paint your house any color you want,” says Patrick.

What part do property rights play in a republic? How did “happiness” get substituted for “property” in the original version of the Declaration of Independence?

“All these people are voting for those who are giving them free money,” according to Ms. Marquardt.

Klaus Schwab and the globalists are promoting “sustainable development.” How does that make all of us into slaves?

The redistribution of income and wealth is a globalist goal. Both the left and the right have no idea of the forces they’re fighting.

“Stupid Americans thought one meter was six feet,” hence the current state of affairs.

“The people have been really dumbed down since the public education system was set up,” explains Ms. Marquardt.

How are globalists combining Covid and climate change together? Is there any science behind it or is it just the usual globalist propaganda?

Ms. Marquardt’s mother told her, “It hasn’t been on the news so it can’t be true.”

Did Donald Trump have an affect on globalism? What about his stance on vaccines?

We have to fight back at the local level with sheriff, city, and county leaders. Nullification is the way to go. Don’t obey the laws.

“I’m going to go down fighting,” vows Ms. Marquardt. “I refuse to live as a slave.”

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