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loganwhite-276x300Logan Christopher is a physical culture Renaissance man. If it has to do with working out and using the body he’s at least tried it. Still he has a number of specialties: being one of the best kettlebell jugglers in the U.S., working on a wide range of bodyweight skills, and being a performing strongman. One of his most famous feats is pulling an 8,800lb antique firetruck by his hair.

He created the Peak Performance Trinity to help people get the most out of their physical training, health, and mental training. As a certified hypnotist and NLP Practitioner, he is also one of the leaders in the field of applying mental tactics towards achieving your goals in the gym.

You can find much more at his two main websites. Legendary Strength covers all aspects of physical training with lots on kettlebells, bodyweight exercise, and feats of strength. And at Lost Art of Hand Balancing you can learn how to do handstands, acrobatics, and much more.

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Show Highlights:

-Kettlebells – get strength and cardiac at the same time

-Strength is not just muscle. Also involves tendons, ligaments, nervous system.

-Pullups – do with palms facing (chin-ups) and palms facing away.

-Use own body before working with implements. Progress by changing leverage points.

-Stayed with an un-visited Amazon tribe. They don’t drink water at all, used “spit beer”, ate cassava.

-Training 2-3x a week can be sufficient. Working out is a supplement. Incorporate movement into every day life.

-Doing anaerobic training transfers to aerobic ability, but not vice versa.

-Burst exercise multiple times a day breaks up the periods of inactivity.

-Do progressive training, increasing number of sets and repetitions, adding in more difficult variations.

-Soreness is trauma to the muscles. Can train without doing a lot of muscle damage.

-How to listen to your body? Feel what your body is saying. You shouldn’t be hurting yourself in the gym. Don’t just push through pain. Discomfort vs. pain signals.

-Exercises to improve nerve function. Kettlebell juggling to engage your mind.

-Gaining 25 lbs. of muscle in 30 days, using hypnosis.

-To lose weight, movement more important than calorie reduction. Using the mind and altering body image.

-Eating often to keep blood sugar stable keeps the body from burning fat.

-Is adding protein helpful? -YouTube on pulling a fire truck with his hair. LostEmpire – potent herbs to increase sexual function.

and more!!

logan christopher, strong mind and body, november 10, 2016

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