Dr. Anthony Chaffee, MD and the “Poison Theory of Chronic Disease”

The Plant Free MD

Dr. Anthony Chaffee, MD has long seen the World differently.  A former All-American and then professional rugby player, Dr. Chaffee’s approach to nutrition was much more practical than simply reading books and taking tests: it was a matter of survival in his profession.  If his body didn’t work at optimal levels, he not only risked getting dropped from his starting role, but serious injury as well, due to the violent nature of rugby games at this level.  “When I was at the University of Washington in Seattle, I took a course in Cancer Biology,” Dr. Chaffe said, “and day one we learned how toxic plants were, as this is how they stop animals from eating them in nature.  We learned 20 years ago that Brussel Sprouts had 136 known carcinogens in them, and mushrooms over 100.  In fact, of all the plants sold as food that we studied, not a single one had under 60.  We were blown away by this, but we shouldn’t have been, since this is basic biology and botany. Plants don’t want you to eat them.  Our professor, seeing our confusion, stated plainly that he didn’t eat salads or vegetables, wouldn’t let his children eat vegetables, and that this was because plants were trying to kill those who tried to eat them.  So I swore off plants of all descriptions, and everything changed dramatically for the better.”

Dr. Chaffee is able to maintain muscles without having to workout regularly on a carnivore diet

His diet is quite purist from a carnivore perspective = meat, water and salt.

We mentioned Darko Velcek’s work with sea salt protocol and Patrick is sending Dr. Chaffee videos from Darko

Taste is the prime mover in eating the right foods for you. Chaffee recommends eating as much meat and fat as you want as long as it tastes good.

The traditional hunger pangs on carnivore diet are quite less than an omnivore diet with plenty of carbohydrates.

Sugar is a drug

Vegetables contain a plentiful variety of chemicals and poisons that plants create to keep animals from eating them.

These are classic defense chemicals such as oxalate in spinach and almonds.  

Dr. Chaffe explains the full story on Pottengers Cat – experimenting with raw and cooked meat for felines.

Dogs are obligate carnivores as former wolves.

The American Indians were 5 inches taller than comparable men by eating free range buffalo

What is Dr. Chaffee’s opinion with humans and eating raw vs. cooked animal foods?

There are days when he will not eat breakfast and spend all day… a long day in surgery and feels strong.

The brain prefers keytones, made in the liver from protein and fat to any other molecule

We had some emails on various subjects:

Are organ meats a necessary addition for good health?

Does Dr. Chaffee believe in the freeze dried organs supplements?

Lady listener wants to know how she can gain weight on carnivore

If the meat you have access to is low on fat it’s perfect to supplement with butter, ghee and beef tallow purchased online

Part one Chaffee

Part two Chaffee

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