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Topic: Reversing Degenerative Disease

Martin Pytela, CMTA – that’s Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor – offers his Health Coach services based on Metabolic Typing, a method that helps determine which foods and supplements will be most appropriate for you. You may already be aware that what heals one person may make another one worse …
We make it our business to help people reverse chronic degenerative conditions, the source of aging and pain that plague so many of us. Especially of you have been frustrated by the medical system, and its symptom-oriented approach, you will find us to be refreshingly different. We believe that emergency room solutions so effective at saving a life are not appropriate for preventing conditions associated with aging or with system-wide break-downs.
Chances are that either you or someone very close to you is suffering from a chronic condition that conventional medical treatments are not able to resolve. You may have even been told to get used to it – it’s part of aging or we can’t do anything about it. Well, you can! And Martin will show you how.

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Show Highlights:

-Life changing health experiences start many on alternative health career paths. Getting a series of mercury amalgams at age 12 took Martin down. Started with herpes and flu, then plantar fasciiitis, carpal tunnel, disabling back pain.

-4 dark horses of health: toxicity, malnutrition, stagnation, trauma.

-Mercury toxicity is associated with a dark emotional life. In 1989, felt down, realized his doctors were only dealing with symptoms, researched and started detox. Incorporated movement, removing the toxic burden, used zeolite binders, MSM, healthier lifestyle, essential oil of rosemary.

-MSM components of methyl and sulfur energize and detoxify.

-Helped by guidance from Dr. David Hawkin’s book “Power vs. Force”, pendulum use.

-Metabolic typing advisor. Which autonomic system is favored? How do you react to fats and proteins, do you oxidize them and become acidic or not?

-Universal pathways of healing. Clean air, food, water. Can structure water with prills, eat healthy fats, don’t fry, supplement sufficiently. Detoxify the burden. Humic and fulvic acid. Superfoods.

-Need living foods coming in. High end food supplements – micronized to maximize surface area, high dissolvability. Cracking seeds in presence of antioxidants and emulsifiers. Draucker Labs is the best yet.

-Undermethylators susceptible to OCD. Take folate not folic acid, methylcobalamin not cobalamin.

-Advanced metabolic typing test to determine metabolic type. Type tells: Will you gain or lose weight? Which diet is best for you? – site for CBD oil. Impediments to sale of CBD oil. Any industrial hemp <300 THC is exempt to be sold in US. But merchant processing company will not longer process payments, Facebook and Google won’t allow advertising. CBD oil does work though, has many positive effects, improves transmission of things, different quality levels.

-Canadian health care doesn’t cover preventive medicine. Good coverage of traumatic conditions, but not of chronic conditions. Martin paid entirely out of pocket for his health recovery.


Martin Pytela recovering from mercury poisoning catapults Martin to helping others, May 9, 2017

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