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Certified Darkfield Microscopist, Health & Wellness Consultant, Spiritual Intuitive & Ontological Life Coach, B.Ed, Master Herbalist, Instructor

Dark Field microscopy or Live Blood Cell Analysis is a method in both light and electron microscopy, in which the field around the specimen (i.e. where there is no specimen to scatter the beam) is generally dark. Dark field permits diversion of light rays and illumination from the side so that all details appear light against a dark background. The diversion of light allows a greater amount of depth and detail to present.
The advantages of Dark Field Microscopy:
Reveals the properties of individual blood cells
Indicates nutritional conditions that may adversely affect health
Detects the imbalances within the milieu sooner than other methods
This unique form of observation views blood immediately under high magnification where the quality, behavior and condition of red and white blood cells, along with other co-inhabitants of the milieu, reveal the degrees of balances and imbalances. It is dynamic in its holographic revelation of what lurks within and is highly beneficial for initiating specific change using targeted applications of nutrition.

Show Highlights:

-We need the mystical to understand the scientific.

-Dark field microscopy takes the mystery of knowing if your diet is good for you. It will show if it isn’t.

-Maureen uses D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet as a foundation, as a place to start. Then tweaks.

-Don’t want indigestible exhaust in your blood stream. Want the cleanest burning fuel in order to minimize congestion.

-Maureen’s 3-step process. 1) Lance finger, get 8 drops of live blood on a slide. Look at size, shape and behavior of white and red blood cells. Can see oxygen level, how much debris is present, what microbes are present, if they cooperating or overpopulated. Overpopulation is the composter.
2) Stress test – apply pressure to blood by squeezing top slide, which pops cells open. Can observe deeper microbial activity and debris.
3) Look at it 24 hours later. What develops in the background? Based on Enderlein’s Pleomorphic Microbiology principles. Look at protein pools, parasite, microbes, fungus.

Is not diagnostic but is indicative. Is there a viral component? How is your viral system draining? Pinpoints stressed body organs. Tells you what to do. The therapy is to decongest.

-Primary thing is to balance the inner terrain by balancing the pH. Need to use both urine and saliva to tell us what the entire body is up to, based on Dr. Carey Reams work.

-If evidence of undigested protein, fats, sugars, need to troubleshoot. Often people are overeating grains, too many nuts, too many beans. Soaking and fermenting helps, but these foods can still be problematic. Cumulative aspect to what we eat. Grains are sugar, can ferment in your body. Fermentation and fungus have the potential for disease to grow.

-Lela asks about a practitioner near San Diego. Can be hard to find one; no association to find names. Start exploring naturopaths. Can’t do blood microscopy remotely.

-Pilots’ blood, instead of round and buoyant, looks exploded. Same for a microwave tower worker. Evidence of free radical damage to blood cells. Replenish blood stream and support balance.

-Blood holds memory and potential. It’s your soul speak. The sacred river within is the expression of your soul. You get to see and have visual connection with all that goes on within you. Blood is a vibration and a reflection of how you feel. Seeing blood filled with indicators lets people speak to that part of them.

-Anything wrong will first show up in the blood. We can walk back the pleomorphic cycle of the body if we know what to do by reading between the lines. E.g. can see evidence that thyroid is wonky. Manage the inner terrain so it supports you. pH is a dietary and an emotional thing. Balance the blood through minerals.

-With her autistic students, found a too acid urine pH is the teary, feary zone. Overalkaline – bullies.
Only take pH once a day, in the morning, of pH and saliva. pH shows how well your body has buffered overnight. pH reflects balance of Ca, Mg, Na, and K minerals. Should be pH 6.4 for both, means blood pH is 7.365.

-pH indicates the best time to take Vitamin D.

-Morning pH is report card for the day before. Record pH and morning body temperature for 10 days and note what foods you have eaten. Will indicate what is difficult to digest for you. Empowers you to manage your inner terrain.

-Recommended to avoid grain, dairy, sugars, nuts. Avoid fruit except berries and apples; eat fruit one time a day. Green juices oxygenate blood and carry toxins off, especially chemicals, and are very pH balancing. Spirulina and chlorella grab garbage.

-Person with blood type A told she had low oxygen, Needs vegetables, low meat, lots of grains, lots of spirulina and chlorella.

-Effect of water filtering is huge. Don’t drink water that is too alkaline. Need pure water with pH as close to blood as possible – 7.2 to 7.4. Confirmed by a NASA scientist. Distilled water is a problem, will be a scavenger for minerals. Monitor pH if you’re drinking distilled water.

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Maureen Fontaine and the magic of looking closely at the blood, June 6, 2017

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