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Two New Products, Greens and Protein to add to our Aloe

THE STOCKTON ALOE HISTORY began in 1941, when a chemical engineer suffered severe sunburn while vacationing in Florida. Finding no available product that could soothe the pain and help heal the burn, the chemist began seeking a cure … a search that would soon change his life and his career.

Local residents told him of a Seminole Indian medicine man who relied on a special salve to treat burns, wounds, and intestinal disorders. The chemist collected a sample of the plant from which the salve was derived. He then took it to a prominent botanical gardener, who called it by the traditional name, “Virgin Trinity.” The botanist said the plant was a rare variety of Aloe vera – thought to be a direct descendant of the plant Nicodemus used to help prepare the body of Jesus Christ for burial (John 19:39).

That intriguing news led the chemist, Rodney M. Stockton, to conduct a study of Aloe plants from around the globe. He found none more effective for supporting health and helping heal skin conditions than the Virgin Trinity, now known as Aloe barbadensis miller-stockton.

Dr. Michael Haley
Stockton worked to stabilize the gel. He was then able to produce and distribute his Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink® and Youth-Derm Ointment®. The drink was first introduced in 1951, and the ointment in 1953. Stockton remained vibrant and mentally sharp up to his passing in 2009, at 96 years of age. He attributed his excellent health to the fortunate discovery and regular use of Aloe barbadensis miller-stockton.

Rodney Stockton’s longtime friend, Dr. Michael Haley, agreed to carry on the work. Dr. Haley pledged to cultivate and protect the Virgin Trinity. He continues to rely exclusively on the gel from that precious plant as the primary ingredient in every Aloe product Stockton Aloe 1 offers. That means you may be confident of obtaining the purest and most effective form of Aloe vera available anywhere when you order from us.





Stockton Aloe 1 Aloe Vera Gel Products


Without proper “nutrition” all the good things the body needs, the body will just disease and wither away.

With that in mind, Dr. Haley created two new products a greens mix and a protein powder, and they both look great.

If you would like to try the new products as well as the Aloe Vera use promo code ORN for a 10% discount

Phyto Chemicals, Phyto nutrients are one of the main features of this new greens mix called I AGreens Vegetable and Fruit Powder

The Vegan Protein is called Lit Vegan Pro Protein Powder, and features rice and pea protein.

Dr. Haley talks about staying in Ketosis with cleaver eating in the morning

The healing properties of fresh Aloe have been well known and is mentioned in the Bible

Aloe has quite a history documented helping the body balance out cancer cells


Dr. Michael Haley, D.C. on a new greens mix, protein powder and the magic of our Aloe Vera, June 12, 2018

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