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Monkeypox Is Monkey Business

A few years ago, a loved one of mine was misdiagnosed and mistreated by our medical system. They were abused with numerous toxic drugs and unnecessary invasive medical procedures that unfortunately cost them their life after years of suffering under horrific conditions.

Upon trying to discover the best ways to help them through this difficult health crisis, I stumbled upon the lies of Germ Theory and the disastrous state of our “health” care system. I found out about the battle between Antoine BeChamp vs. the plagarist Louis Pasteur. I began to study the differences between Germ Theory and Terrain Theory. I became aware of the influence of the Rockefellers on the creation of our medical establishment. I immersed myself in the work of David Crowe, Stefan Lanka, Roberto Giraldo, The Perth Group, Liam Scheff, Celia Farber, and many others.

Flash forward to 2020 and it became obvious that I could no longer sit on the sidelines while accumulating this information for myself. The world became enthralled in a “pandemic” based on numerous false pretenses and deliberate misinformation/propaganda. We found ourselves in a Testing Pandemic bolstered by FEAR. Too many were acting on inaccurate information from Pharmaceutically-controlled mainstream sources without ever being aware of the fact that there is a much more logical side to this debate. One based upon knowledge and not FEAR.

I decided it was time to share this information on Facebook with friends, family, and whomever needed to hear it. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly difficult in the face of the current censorship. This Orwellian landscape has led me to the creation of this blog. I plan to share the posts I have done on the falicious methods used in Virology, the lack of valid scientific evidence in regards to “viruses” and antibodies, the trickery involved in genomics, the dangers involved with vaccines and various medical interventions, as well as provide information I come across on the best ways to care for ones health naturally.

Started questioning virology with Rethinking HIV.

Establishing causation of disease requires the independent variable of an isolated virus particle.

They can’t find enough virus in a patient to separate them out, so they say they have to grow them in a monkey kidney cell culture to get enough to study.

But if you can’t find viruses in a human, it’s meaningless to find them in a petri dish full of a mix of materials.

Small pox, chicken pox, rubella – all the same, just varying stages of the same process.

Studies of 1918 flu couldn’t transmit it naturally.

2021 table top exercise of monkeypox outbreak, predicted it to outbreak in May 2022.  Same players as Event 2021 for COVID 19.

Is monkeypox due to bodies having to get rid of the toxins from all the COVID 19 jabs?  One side effect of trial COVID 19 jabs was blistering disease.

First discovered monkey pox in 1958 in lab monkeys.  Microscopically looked the same as smallpox.  Same time as campaign to eradicate smallpox through vaccination.  Later cases of suspected smallpox were incubated 72 hours rather than the usual 48 hours and looked different, so then diagnosed as monkeypox.   

Smallpox vaccines can immunize against monkeypox.  Vaccines for both cause the same symptoms.

Can’t distinguish monkeypox from smallpox by clinical diagnosis.  Only by PCR testing.

Smallpox is deadliest vaccine known to man.

Vaccinia virus used in smallpox vaccinations is not a purified isolated particle.

Were the Native Americans given smallpox from contaminated materials?

Multifactorial explanations for earlier outbreaks.  They’re all detoxification symptoms. 

Consensus is not science.  Oppositional voices are drowned out.

Can we catch anything from anybody?  No evidence of it.  But our emotions can be influenced by others.

Does rabies virus exist?  Pasteur’s rabies work was highly fraudulent.

9 pages of side effects from Pfizer COVID trials.  Unknown long term effects because controls were jabbed at end of the trial.

When will people realize they’re using fear to gain control?

CDC gave us a break and now they’re pushing the COVID narrative again.

Are there bacterial infections we can get and share?  No.  They’re found in healthy people, and they can’t make people sick with them.  Koch’s Postulates were proved.  Bacteria are a cleanup crew for conditions resulting from stressors.

Pharmaceutical companies want us to believe there is a magic pill.  They excel at indoctrinating and telling us what to do.  Want us to rely on them and not research on our own.

Labeling false information when we cite information from sources they tell us to trust.

Can you get STDs from sex?  10 year study says no.

HIV cases due to people using amyl nitrate poppers, drugs, injections.  AZT treatment is vile.  People have recovered without AIDS pharmaceuticals.  Having antibodies means you’ve recovered from it. 

“Domain of the Invisible” – viruses, antibodies.  Have never isolated either.

Do we build up an immunity to something?  Versus building up a tolerance and clearing something out of the system more efficiently?

Interfering with our body’s ability to heal itself is what gets us into trouble.

Take responsibility for yourself.  Become your own expert.

Is inversion of truth more damaging than an outright lie?

Mike’s Virology.com has source papers.

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