A few definitions of "trial" certainly apply to MMS:
– experiment or testrun,,
– test of endurance, faith, or patience,,
– problem
of the above face those brave souls who embark on the quest to bring
MMS to practice. The Miracle Mineral Supplement offers so much but at
the same time also threatens so much, for a fantastic chemical that can
cure a great many serious illnesses is an indirect attack on
institutionalized medicine and its multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical
industry. THEY will, therefore, do nothing to support research of the
stories and claims surrounding MMS, besides of course putting it down
as a matter of course, and that means any and all practitioners are on
their own at best, on the defensive probably, running for their lives
possibly. And if you don’t watch out you’ll be dealing with the
judicial definition of trial…

Heres our inteview with founder of MMS Jim Humble, more than a year ago

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People who have discovered MMS and wish to share it with their
network find that the very fact that the medical establishment knows or
cares not about MMS constitutes condemnation as a matter of course.
"Who are you to think you know better than doctors?!" In the end you’ll
have to prove your case for each person you talk to and you’ll find
that anything doctors say need not suffer such scrutiny. YOU’re the one
on trial, not doctors. Which may seem funny to the person whos
convinced MMS has a good case, for if there is something like MMS out
there that can cure AIDS and cancer and all kinds of so-called
incurable diseases, that means that the doctors not taking advantage
thereof are indeed on trial by implication. It won’t matter to the
person attacking you for implicating their hero doctors, however.


You may not attack authorities. Thats unsettling. What would we be without our authorities?
there are two answers to that question and they depend on the
psychology of the person who would answer. If you are a mentally whole
person, seeing life without (savior) authorities isn’t a problem at
all. But then such a persons definition of authority would entail a
person or institution with a logical, substantiated, or constitutional
right to help determine courses of action or offer opinions for other
people. There is another completely different definition of authority.
Simply: the ones in power.
People who suffer from the psychological trauma Alice Miller has discussed in her books, some 65 to 85% of people in the West (to a considerable degree) according to the Milgram Experiment
, don’t care who has authority or why; the only thing that matters is
that someone remain in power and never lose it. These people have been
conditioned to being terrified of the aspect of authorities falling
from pedestals. They cling to them like a drowning man would to a
rotting old log and don’t you dare comment on the quality of that log!
people, therefore, don’t want you attacking police, politics, doctors,
teachers, or any other authority at any given time or in any given
circumstance. There are simply those above the law, as far as they’re
concerned, and they don’t have to answer to criticism or reason. They
certainly don’t have to answer to some quack who comes along claiming
to have discovered a cure for incurable diseases. As a matter of fact,
as i’ve discussed in previous articles in some detail, they’d rather
die than try your life-saving options, for if you save their life but
knock their authority off his pedestal, they’ll still end up dying, so
whats the point? As far as their take on the situation goes, with
their authorities they have a CHANCE at some success and maybe they’ll
get lucky and live, but if they listen to you taking down their
authorities they know with certainty that they will die because they
fear on a primal level that they will die without them.

psychological resistance to MMS, therefore, is considerable. As most
people suffer from the above trauma its unlikely MMS will ever be
embraced by medical professionals. Its more likely laws will come out
to make it illegal, as so many other things are becoming illegal that
threaten the profits of pharmaceutical multinationals [considering the Codex Alimentarius].
The discoverer of MMS, Jim Humble, thought he might circumvent certain
laws prohibitting its use by calling this chemical a supplement, but
the nature of the Codex Alimentarius deems anything beneficial to fall
in the realm of professionals and illegal for non-state-sanctioned
personnel [certified individuals like doctors] to apply or sell. Many
supplements will become outlawed, some have already achieved that
status, and MMS will go the way of any other item the powers-that-be
deem not beneficial to their wallet and agendas.


one stands alone when deciding to use MMS, either for ones own benefit
or for the benefit of others, its hard to get more information on how
exactly best to apply MMS. Everybody, therefore, has to go through
their own set of trials and experimentation in order to learn what to
avoid doing and how best to approach various diseases and situations.
Taking too much MMS, for instance, though not dangerous, will cause
nausea and perhaps vomiting. This must be avoided so patients don’t
grow to fear taking it. Such things belong with the details of applying
MMS and if medical professionals would embrace this chemical, no one
would have to learn how to take it because the doctor would tell you
how. As doctors would rather have you die than heal yourself quickly,
simply, and cheaply,, [the few exceptions to the rule changing nothing
about legislation] they’re no help and its every man for himself.

Humble has been researching and experimenting with MMS for about a
decade and his book Miracle Mineral Supplement for the 21st Century
should be studied seriously. He mentions, for instance, that taking
vitamin C will end the nausea caused by taking too much MMS. He also
mentions that adding some citris acid after the Sodium Chlorite and
acid have stood for 3 minutes will take care of the chlorine taste.
These are things practitioners must come to know and apply. Taking the
MMS in smaller amounts but frequently during the day is another trick.
Many trials have, therefore, already been done by Jim Humble himself
and need be taken to heart, but there are many variables to be taken
into account and though mistakes will not lead to dangerous situations
as long as the basic rules are applied, there is simply always the
nausea to be avoided when the dose of MMS is raised too quickly.


the end its a serious consideration to not be too open about having
and using MMS. Even family members can turn on you, no matter that you
wish to help them. Remember the authoritarian trauma: if they see MMS
as a threat to their savior authorities [like doctors], your help will
not be seen as support but as attack, no matter how sincere you are or
no matter how convinced YOU are of the validity of MMS. Such people
won’t want to read what you’ve read or even see the DVD on MMS
[Understanding MMS]. When you point to the doctor on the DVD who uses
it in his practice, you’ll only get the facetious reply that you have
no proof that hes a real doctor or that he wasn’t paid enormous
amounts of money to say what he said. Logic doesn’t come into it! Its
the psychological trauma talking and no matter how much sense you make
you will not be able to convince those whose hearts and minds are sworn
to protect their authorities.
So it can be advisable to help people
‘in secret’. One might even help patients with MMS without calling it
"MMS" and without explaining more than what they need to know in order
to apply it. You worry about getting sued? What about getting sued for
being honest and ‘trickingthem into using MMS? No matter how honest
you are, any way you look at it what you’re dealing with isn’t
acknowledged by ‘the authoritiesas healthy or beneficial and you’re
on legal thin ice.

Ignorance is often bliss and the authoritarian
trauma is nothing to sneeze at. Jesusadmonition applies: don’t throw
pearls to swine for they will trample the pearls and turn and rend you.
Maybe better to not let on that what you are using to help cure your
patient can also cure AIDS and cancer and malaria and god knows what
else. If you are in prison for ‘trafficing illegal substancesit
doesn’t matter that the substance you were trafficing was meant to save
someone; the law will still demand your imprisonment. Best to remain
free to fight another day and that may mean working in the shadows a
bit. Remember the millions of so-called witches burnt at the stake
during the Middle Ages for peddling herbs. There were only 30 million
people in Europe at the time yet they managed to burn millions of
witches at the stake. William Bramley in his book Gods of Eden says all
historical accounts of the so-called black plague were accompanied by
eyewitness accounts of ‘beingsspraying a fog-like substance, i.e.
half of Europe was killed off through biological warfare. These beings
are not fooling around. Do not underestimate the insanity or immorality
of your adversary. There are agendas at play here that far transcend
what is simply good for people. You should take that to heart when
dealing in substances that the authorities obviously don’t want people
commonly profiting by.


P.S. Chlorine Dioxide or MMS is
created by adding certain kinds of acid [citric acid, vinegar] to a 28%
SodiumChlorite solution and waiting 3 minutes. One can, however, also
use the pure SodiumChlorite solution for disinfective purposes. 8 drops
of it in dirty water, leave it for 24 hours, and you can safely drink
it. This also means one can use it to disinfect items in said water,
like smelly shoes.
P.P.S. Due to how MMS works, i.e. chlorine
dioxide molecules that suck up 5 electrons per molecule, just like an
acid [according to the definition of acid that it is something with a
positively charged hydrogen ion], the effect on the body can be
acidifying. It is therefore advisable to supplement taking MMS with
alkalizing foods like plenty of fresh green vegetables and/or green
P.P.P.S. One of the great success stories of MMS is its use
to combat oral/dental problems. Brushing your teeth with a solution of
about 5 drops of [SodiumChlorite plus acid plus 3 minutes wait] ‘MMS’
can clear up many dental problems in days. Sensitive teeth stop hurting
and gums stop being inflamed. When taking MMS internally it should be
taken into consideration that the membranes in the mouth will take up
some MMS directly into the bloodstream. If you take 6 drops of MMS
internally but also brush your teeth with MMS, the end result could be
that you are in actuality getting 7 or 8 drops, which could be over
your limit at that time. As a rule it is therefore a good idea to take
MMS internally at least an hour before or after brushing with MMS.

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