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Is having a diet high in fiber necessary? Is it even safe?

Zoë Harcombe is a researcher, author, blogger and public speaker in the field of diet and health. Her particular areas of interest/expertise are public health dietary guidelines (especially dietary fat), nutrition and obesity.

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We die without animal fat.  Must have fat and protein.  No essential carbohydrate.

Cholesterol is essential to our health, but our bodies can make it.

We must consume essential fats, complete protein, vitamins and minerals. 

Sugar is the only food that is 100% without fat or 100% without protein.

In UK in 1800s, they taxed sugar because it was recognized as nonessential. 

Carbohydrate is different sugars in different forms.  Monosaccharide sugars– glucose, fructose, galactose.  Disaccharide – sucrose.  Polysaccharide.

No form is better.  Glucose goes in bloodstream, excess causes Type 2 diabetes.  Fructose goes in liver, excess causes NAFLD.

Entire bloodstream should have 4 grams of glucose (1 tsp).

Insulin released to remove glucose from bloodstream.  Stored it as glycogen in muscles and heart, which is then turned into fat.

Listener asks if someone can survive and thrive as a vegetarian?  Yes, if you eat full-fat dairy and eggs.  Still need real foods.

The problem is vegans.  Non-animals lack retinol, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, heme iron, absorbable zinc,

Legumes, lentils, beans, pulses can all bring some value, lesser amount of grains, vegetables more than fruits.  Not as good as animal foods.

Some people can’t convert carotene into Vitamin A.  Can cause eye problems.

Fiber is not necessary.  It is an indigestible polysaccharide carbohydrate.  Can be either soluble (dissolves in water) or insoluble fiber.

Poo is waste.  It’s inefficient. 

Why is fiber promoted?  Cereal manufacturers looking to develop fake foods and against animal foods.  Made up attributes to promote their product.

Why eat rice or vegetables?  Most of it has to come out.

Dietary guidelines in 1970s in US and 1980s in UK demonized fat.  Promoting 55% carbohydrate. 

Fiber promotes gastrointestinal problems.  Instead of saying eliminate carbs, doctors unfortunately say eliminate high fibrous carbs.

Study showed great results with GI symptom patients that totally eliminated fiber.

FODMAPS diet eliminates many fibrous foods.

“It’s good to feed your gut flora” vs. “How do you get good gut flora?”

Antibiotics only if your life depends on it, followed by probiotics.

Dairy is best for feeding gut flora.  Raw milk, full fat yogurt, blue cheeses are good sources.

What about fish, seafood?  Good foods.  Avoid farmed fish, fish from polluted waters.  Good Omega-3 source. 

How about cod liver oil?  It’s being debated.  Look at Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s materials.

Signs of Omega-3 deficiency?  Google essential fatty acid deficiency.  Dry skin, scaly skin, dry eyes. 

Potatoes?  They’re a carb, some protein, some fat.  Look it up at Nutritiondata.com.  A single whole food, minerals more than vitamins, never as good as animal sourced food.  One of the best stable carbohydrates, if you don’t want to lose weight.

If trying to lose weight, fat and carbohydrate is a bad combination.  You won’t gain weight eating just fat.

The brain loves fat. 

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Misleading titles on studies.  Study showed people in the slightly overweight category as they aged had the longest longevity compared to the underweight category.  Study title misled.

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