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Now That We Know All the True Causes of “Disease”, Let’s Move On

“Spirit is everywhere. It’s in the birds and the bees and the apples and the trees,” says Patrick.

“We have everything within us right now … without masks.” The body is a thought-form.

“Our purpose in life is to share our experiences, be in the flow, and support others. That’s why we’re here, to support other living things.”

“The only other thing we have to be certain to do is pay taxes. Be sure to pay Caesar because you don’t look good in an orange jumpsuit.”

Is bitcoin safe? Can encryption be broken?

Everything is in a bubble. It’s six times higher than in 2008, according to Sean.

Is this the biggest economic bubble in world history?

Sean thinks real estate prices are going to go down. “Sell today, and rent for the next two or three years,” he advises.

Do you really own your house even if you have a certificate of origin?

Patrick and Sean discuss the meaning of the label “Libertarian.”

Is the U.S. going to split up into two different countries, both psychologically and geographically?

Patrick talks about Paul Preston and the New California movement.

What is the cause of disease? What is the role of bacteria? Can anything hurt us if we don’t allow it?

How does the Soul-Mind-Body connection work? “Our body is just a reflection of what we are as Soul,” says Patrick.


Alberto from Italy writes in about the many people in Italy who are refusing to be vaccinated.

Patrick comments on the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal that’s already costing the world billions of dollars.

J.C. writes in about moving out of the country. Where would be the best place to move?

A listener writes in about C60 (Carbon 60).

A follower of Eckankar writes in to praise Richard J. Maybury’s “Early Warning Report.” The Eckankar group resonates with “Maybury’s Two Laws — “Do all you have agreed to do. Do not encroach on other persons or their property.”

A listener writes in to ask about Patrick’s bloodletting. Dr. Richard Massey drew blood from him a while back.

Atom writes in, “Exercise increases iron loss by as much as 70%. The same goes for saunas, because lots of iron is lost in sweat and urine.”

Gwen writes in about sulfur, and how it makes her feel “sharper.”

A listener writes in about putting turpentine in coffee for a “mental boost,” and asks, “Is butter OK in Cobalamin Tonic”?

Are people who are vaccinated shedding genetic material?

A listener writes in about olive oil. How much of it is genuine? Does olive oil contain polyunsaturated fatty acids?

Atom writes in, “Fear of what is in any food is light-years more deadly than any poison in any food.”

Sally in Oregon calls in about “living in Mask-Land.” Patrick and Sally discuss siblings and friends getting the jab and how to relate to it and detach from it.

Sally was brought up to always say “Yes.” Patrick says, “‘No!’ is a complete sentence.”

“This whole lifetime is about having experiences you never had before,” says Patrick. “Go within.”

“Look and see. That’s the only way you’re going to know. Just keep asking and give up stuff you don’t know for sure.”

Once we understand the body is a though form the game changes, forever and ever, March 26, 2021

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