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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience. Call in and participate on Fridays; we’d love to hear from you!

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Show Highlights:

-Creating reality with our state of consciousness

-Negative self talk and it’s effects on the body

-Healing the body during sleep

-Rubbing yourself with 10 day old urine. Really? Why would Patrick do that? He explains.

-A caller was injured by his chiropractor and asks for some ideas for healing

-Robert calls in for a lively argumentative exchange with Patrick about taking care of the heart

-Can you take too much magnesium? Patrick talks magnesium with Dee and recommends listening to Morley Robbins, the Magnesium Man

-Comment from a listener:The Native Americans keep their hair long for logical reasons:

If the brain is like a radio, receiving information from outside, then perhaps hair acts like an antenna.

-The magic of mistletoe; Dee tells us all about this wonderful plant

-Patrick talks ways to reverse gray hair

-Is it possible to meditate without a wandering mind?

and so much more!!

open phone friday with you and patrick, january 29, 2016, hour one

'Open Phone Friday – The Real Problem Is It’s What We Know That Just Ain’t So – January 29, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. January 31, 2016 @ 3:55 pm Charles May

    I agree Patrick has the best show on radio.
    Robert is so funny ,his calls could be titled lost in translation to Pat


  2. January 31, 2016 @ 8:03 pm RJ

    Here is my correspondence with the founder of TEA Brasil
    My Question: # 1
    Thank you for the product delivery.
    Can the Globuli be taken instead of the daily drops?
    Is there a conversion amount, How many Globuli are equal to 10 drops of the tincture?
    Is the liquid tincture a homeopathic or is it concentrated Quabain?
    Thank you

    TEABRASIL reply:
    The liquid is a mother tincture superfiltered.
    The GLobuli are made of mother tincture but are only for outdoor emergencies. They are too expensive for treatment.
    No measurements of active principle of natural products are made here in Brazil.
    Best regards
    Mr N

    Hi Mr N
    Thank you.
    I do realize there are many variables in the suggested amount and dosage depending on the individual and condition… having said that.
    Our discussion is for information only.
    Some do not prefer alcohol based products .
    You mentioned expense was an issue.
    If expense /money was not a concern
    Just for discussion purpose can you approximate or guess how many Globuli would equal 10 drops of tincture?

    TEABRASIL response:

    30-40 Globuli should be equal to 10 drops. This is an estimative of our pharmaceutic personal.
    Mr. N

    MY Question: 3

    Hello Mr N
    The Tea Brasil website says:
    2 x daily 5 to 8 globulis on the tongue.
    Let it in the mouth for about 2-3 minutes.
    Absorption works by mouth mucosis.
    Only swallow after this period.

    This is similar instructions as for the tincture. What is this usage for?


    TEABRASIL response:

    This usage is a protection, a prevention dosis.
    For treatment the Globuli are too weak in our opinion.
    The tincture is better and stronger for treatment, the Globuli are for outdoor protection when you suffar an infarct or angina and need Quabain. They are dry and cannot leak, perfect to carry outdoors.
    For treatment you would need to take much more of the GLobuli which would be too expensive.


    My take :
    1 the liquid is the Mother “strong” tincture not a homeopathic

    2 globuli are made from the tincture and weaker 30 to 40 globuli = 10 drops

    3 the tincture is stronger and for the treatment of heart problems

    4 he mentions the globuli are for protection and prevention at a dose of 5 to 8

    5 the globuli would be more like a ” homeopathic” dose for discussion
    purpose lets say 1 globuli

    6 he mentions prevention versus treatment…..

    7 next is to consult or ask these questions to Dr C

    listeners thoughts: or experience ?


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