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Here are some links to a few things talked about for further research:

Click here to get chapter one of Rivici’s classic book, to be discussed with Atom on Monday

Link to sign a petition to stop the use of 5 G

Iris software may be a good option for you to cut down on the blue light from your’s a test to take

Topics talked about on this show:

turpentine and castor oil consumption for critters and more

E3 Live for strength and longevity

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil and DHA and EPA directly from Algae

Getting Fluoride out of the shower water

Blue Light on computers and how to minimize same

Cornucopia Organic Food is the cleanest pet food on the Planet

Most pets die of Cancer with is totally due to the food they eat.  Period

6 G Technology is already underway

Dr. Thomas Lewis and Seneff are working on a book on the dangers of low Cholesterol

On air Patrick recalls a dream experience last night involving melanin and hair

Open Emails

I thought I heard you give a formula on a past show about sulfur and water dropped in the eye to shrink cataracts.

I have trouble digesting fats and I have pain on my right side of abdoman. I tried having coconut meats for a while and tried making a yogurt from it but I got a gallbladder attack from the fats.

Atom Bergstrom: The liver and sperm thrive on fructose.

The liver is the workhorse of the thyroid.

Globe artichoke is similar to milk thistle.

Exercise is important.   The latest issue of Scientific American (Jan. 2019) is informative …

“Humans Evolved to Exercise  Unlike our ape cousins, humans require high levels of physical activity to be healthy.”

6G Technology (the Internet of Things) is being developed 19 miles down the road from us at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

There are five ways of removing up to 90% of fluoride from water … 1) Distillation  2) Reverse Osmosis 3) Deionizers (the resin kind)

4) Activated Alumina (needs to be changed weekly and trades out fluoride for aluminum) 5) Bone Char (needs to be changed weekly)

Cholesterol fights stress.

We can bio-synthesize all of it from plant matter by being more anabolic/acidic.

One type of melanin creates gray hair.

Unfortunately California does not accept religious exemptions for vaccinations to attend public or private schools.  Only medical exemptions are allowed.  (Click on your state to access the vaccine exemption rules and forms –  However, a medical exemption can be extremely difficult to obtain because doctors get put on probation and risk their license for granting them.

I combined notes from your show and other sources that may be useful for naturally resolving cataracts –

D3-K2 740 X 90 Woman in the Sun

Open Phone Friday with you, Doodle and Patrick, January 18, 2019


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