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Perhaps folks with the “brain” disorders who appear not to be in pain, are so much in the now that of course there’s no memory of much of anything, cause it’s always now.

We talk about Dr. Ray Peat’s opinion that very small does of piggie thyroid just may be the way to go for many reasons including not having to be on these supplements forever

Listen inquires about keeping Mr. Prostate happy

Matt calls in and chats about is project to create a ice bath unit that will offer 38 degree tub of water on demand.  Brrr

Val calls in from Kentucky and we have a nice chat out some of the things she’s working with, including speaking out more for gallbladder heath, using MMS for Candida

Lots of interest and emails on the parasite protocol offered by past guest, Barbara Frank

Got milk?  Patrick’s experimenting with using raw milk, prepared properly to build muscle

Caller asks about getting rid of knot that formed with repairing a Achilles tendon

We mention the IT man who moved to Asia to put out natural piggie thyroid, yet currently are not shipping because some one(s) are hijacking the shipments.  Here’s the link nonetheless

I totally agree with you on the global warming/ climate change. The second thei mentioned carbon credits, I knew it was a scam.

From Atom on Thyroid  Pandiculating and sticking out the tongue detox the thyroid gland.  Rocking the thyroid between the thumb and index finger also help.

A lady asked Dr. Daniels about healing bunions and I recently noticed I was developing one on my right foot because I walk with a gate due to MS that makes me use my right leg more than my left, anyhow, I purchased a pair of yoga sandals which spreads your toes apart and it has helped a lot already. I almost never walk with bare feet because my feet are too sensitive so I just wear the yoga sandals around as much as my life allows. Just an idea. I have been on LDN for going on 3 weeks now and I’m seeing some improvements in my gate with that too.

According to Pete Egoscue, bunions are caused by a postural imbalance.
When the body is off balance, it builds a base to compensate for the 
imbalance and we call that a bunion, but it is due to an imbalance.
Has anyone using the hydrogen machine noticed improvement with their balance?


Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, September 27, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, September 27, 2019 TWO

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