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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show highlights:

-What are Patrick’s OralDNA results?  Find out on Tuesday’s show with Dr. Ellie.

-Patrick used a test by OralDNA that determines the levels of the 12 bad oral bacteria – the Dirty Dozen.  It is called the MyPerioPath Salivary Diagnostic Test.  Look at OralDNA Labs Provider to find the closest one to you.

-“The good times are coming.”  Progressing towards the spiritual goal of being in the body without anything fazing us.

-Joe asks what to think of ufos, aliens, and Corey Goode’s secret space program story?  Are we here on earth because we’ve earned the right to be here?  How does the spiritual evolvement of beings on other planets compare to us?

-Why does James have a rash?  Patrick suggests Gaia Herbs low alcohol Milk Thistle.  Topical oats and baths can be soothing for skin problems.  Recommends fresh frozen aloe.

-Why does Patrick still have heartburn issues despite all the healthy foods, colostrum, bone broth, and aloe he consumes?

Hour 2

-Atom says aloe protects against the dentist, just as garlic protects against vampires.

-Putting hot homemade broth in mason jars seals the canning lid and keeps it longer when refrigerated.

-Steve says Robert von Sarbacher found turnips cured eczema because they eat the biofilm.  Listen here.  Also, Joette Calebrese found homeopathic remedies cured her skin issues.  Her poison ivy remedy is Anacardium 30, twice daily or if severe start with every 3 hours.  She explains here (skip to 7:17).

-Randa wants to know if he still needs to drink a lot of water afterwards if he combines sulfur with a salad or in food?  Don’t combine sulfur Randa, just take sulfur straight, 30 minutes before food.

-What’s going on with North Korea?   Even before Trump was elected, a general said the military decided to concentrate more on the Pacific because of the North Korea threat.

-Carol says eczema is body detox thru skin.  “I no longer get weeping pustules from poison ivy..just a little rough skin. I credit this to a tablespoon of sulfur twice a day in a glass of water to which I also add..1 lime, generous pinch of celtic sea salt, splash apple cider vinegar and little honey or maple syrup.  Put yellow sulfur powder (not Patrick’s white organic sulfur) mixed in coconut or any food oil (lard is good too) on eczema overnight for several nights..will help tremendously.  Farmers used to put yellow sulfur in their socks to keep bugs from biting.”
-Steve shares Dr. Jennifer Daniel’s recipe from her book “Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful?”  “Cleanse the skin with 1 tsp ascorbic acid mixed with 1/4 cup water.  That will act like a detergent to soften up the sebum and fat in the pores so that it will pop out in the next step, which is to scrub with rice bran, and then apply lemon juice to pull the pores together, leaving a smooth satiny complexion.”
-Atom says the beaker boys are going over the top in the “battle” against gingivitis.  1) Saliva implants (just like fecal implants) are being investigated.  2) Caries vaccines are in the works.  3) Strains of GMO lactobacillus have been created to kick the crap out of Streptococcus mutans.
Hour 3

-Joe is Patrick’s first Skype caller.  He uses 1) Uncle Harry’s Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel, 2) oil pulling using coconut oil mixed with Uncle Harry’s All Natural Tooth Powder, and 3) Uncle Harry’s Miracle Mouthwash at the end of the day.  This program remineralized his teeth and removed a brown area of demineralization on areas of gum recession.

-Joe has a YouTube show about permaculture.  Look for Joe from the Carolinas.

-Reminder of Andy Gause’s concern for a bad financial downturn soon.   Call him at 800-468-2646 to find out how you can protect yourself.

-Is it safe to oil pull once a day for 15-20 minutes?  Dr. Ellie says no, listener says yes.

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