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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!



Show Highlights:


-Email Ken Rohla at for products not listed on his website. 10% off everything on his site for December 2016 using coupon code ONERADIO.

-Steven’s Florida chiropractor is sulfur-savvy – recommended sulfur to help the discs in his back.

-Uber has many new rules about what passengers are not allowed to do in the back seat, including no sexual activity, no matter what. So no kissing?

-In Portland, companies paying CEOs 100 times more than their average worker will now pay an additional 10% business income tax, and 25% for more than 250-to-1. How do we find balance in wages? Example of “Conscious Capitalism” as practiced by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. Can it be imposed?

-Keeping self-employment as an option for oneself.

-Atom Bergstrom and Dr. Massey are available for individual consultation. is site for Atom’s books, including “The Heart Is Not A Pump” and “Yellow Fat Disease”.–e-books.php

-Disagreeing in a respectful way vs. lashing out. Disappointment of getting programmed responses on Patrick’s Facebook page instead of discussion of issues.

-Caller reports loss of 22 lbs. solely from doing the cold bath protocol advocated by Dr. Jack Kruse.

-Lucretia says lipomas in dogs are due to a iodine deficiency, not a turpentine deficiency. Inspired by Dr. Stanley Monteith show with Dr. Fletchas. Gave her dog 6 mg. of Iodoral iodine, ½ of lipomas are gone, others are smaller. Atom says lipomas are from yellow fat disease; grass and grains contain highly unsaturated fatty acids.

-What to do for an infected tooth? Packing sulfur around the tooth, packing an aloe vera leaf around the tooth, shining a red near infrared (NIR) light bulb on the mouth, oil pulling, gargling with food grade hydrogen peroxide, or swishing mouth with salt, Vitamin C, or oregano oil. If the tooth needs to be pulled, use the Huggins’ protocol to avoid cavitation.

-Scott reports getting rid of zits with red NIR. Another listener reports using red NIR to clear up sinus infection from a dental procedure trying to remove teeth growing into the sinuses.

-The real fake mainstream media is calling for the government to shut down “fake news” sites. An Orwellian scenario? They don’t trust people to think for themselves. Hegelian “remedy”.

-Movie recommendations: Poldark and Outlander.

-Carol shares testimonial of incontinence and tumors disappearing and vision and gait improving for a older dog after 2 weeks of giving her sulfur in her water. Also a 93 year old man is regular again from ¼ tsp/day of sulfur.

-Tim in St. Louis wins the tie-dyed T-shirt.

and more!!!

open phone friday with you, sharon and patrick, (with doodle nearby), december 10, 2016 part one

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