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We had a nice surprise call from Atom Bergstrom.  Atom lives in Montecito, the belly of the mudslide beast. Atom and Vibrant Gal are safe staying with friends.  Hear the whole adventure they are experiencing.

People, cities, Counties and Countries all have their own unique karmic experiences to work through.

Patrick’s dear friend has a fracture in the leg and Atom and listeners give some excellent ways to nurture bone healing.

Patrick and Atom talk through some of the muscle groups Patrick is working on unwinding this latest “body detox” experience.

In Ayurveda Agni is the God of Fire and worshiped for It’s properties to digest the food and the World. In the West we give pharmaceuticals to kill the God of Fire.

Patrick Gives a classic Ayurveda Elixer for men and women.  The boys use Ashwaganda herb and the girls Shatavari.  Hear the complete explanation of the recipe.

Here’s a link to Shatavari through ORN/Amazon to play with.
Order Shatavari for female elixer..get Ashwaganda from the same company on thru Amazon  

Nice strong butt muscles look great and also necessary for the balance of the entire body.

Here’s Swami Nitty Gritty’s Bone healing recipe


Swami Nitty-Gritty’s Bone Remodeling Formula (eaten with lunch at midday) …
 a teaspoon of dolomite for calcium

goat cheese or sheep cheese of the feta variety for more calcium

a teaspoon of clarified butter for silicon

a dill pickle for sodium and more silicon

raw spinach for iron

cayenne for “constriction-dilation”

We have another short discussion on urine therapy

Sex, Sexuality as depicted in all media and our culture is 180 Degrees away from The Truth of it All regarding intimacy.



Open Phone Friday with you, Atom and Patrick, January 12, 2018, ONE

Open Phone Friday with you, Atom and Patrick, January 12, 2018, TWO

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  1. January 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm b

    I just listened to you and Atom speak about your lady friend who has broken her hip.
    I remembered Ken talking about a colleague who does remote sonic healing. He told a story about her healing his brother’s broken leg if I remember.
    Maybe ask him for her contact?


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