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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show Highlights:

-Fluke 189 multimeter measures RF perfectly, but it doesn’t measure the current in your body or wi-fi because they’re such high frequencies it takes a different meter to read them.

-Linda in Cincinnati wins the tie-dyed T-shirt. Please send in your address and size.

-Why did Hillary Clinton agree to appear on “Between Two Ferns”?

-Look for paida lajin (Chinese stretching and slapping) videos on YouTube. Sharon’s colon is benefiting from the hand slapping. When starting, focus on the inner elbow first. Sha (purple blotches) appearing on skin is toxic blood coming to surface that will then disperse.

-15% off sale at on all products until 9/25/16. Includes pine pollen, colostrum, reishi, bone broth, elk velvet antler. Use coupon code INFINITE.

-Importance of having a hopeful attitude when facing disease. If negative feelings deplete the body, why can’t positive feelings build it up?

-Is it possible to find what you need if you Buy America?

-Patrick measured high current when a friend talked on his plain cell phone. Even with Bluetooth, the high EMFs from a cell phone conversation permeate a car.

-Can our bodies eventually adapt to glyphosate and chemtrails? Do our belief systems change our biology? Something given positive attention will grow in a positive way; give negative attention and it will grow in a negative way.

-WebMD is 122nd most popular website in the US. ORN ranks at 600,000. 644 million active websites world-wide.

-Conventionally grown carrots are grown with mercury containing fungicides. Dr. Huggins said to avoid them.

-“Kingsman: The Secret Service” movie. Is it foretelling the use of cell phone signals to achieve bad ends? Do the boys always first tell us what they’re going to do?

-Googling Clinton Body Count yields some shocking information.

-According to caller Frank, in legal language, having sex is not defined as including oral sex. Under the definition of the specific law Bill Clinton was charged with violating, he could therefore plausibly deny having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

-John talks about living in Saudi Arabia. has Garden Pumpkin Powder coming soon. Delicious on oatmeal.

-Atom says most diseases are an example of a negative placebo.

-Sharon talks about her career of self-employment. If you’re going to do something, be the best at it, and word of mouth will spread about you. Self-employment is the ultimate empowering position.

-When you are sympathetic to someone or something you read, don’t be involved emotionally in it, and you won’t lose energy. It only gets to us by piercing us internally. Maintain your state of consciousness no matter what is going on in the world. Politicians try to suck us into their dreams so you identify with what they’re saying and you give them money. Don’t buy into other people’s vision. Teachers that want to control you want to plant ideas in your head that you need them.

-Other people live off your energy. Even being in opposition to something that is negative, e.g. chemtrails, gives energy to it.

-Paida lajin – the more it hurts, the better it is for you.

-Your thoughts don’t matter. All that matters is what you are. Be a watcher and don’t put energy into it.

-John in Saudia Arabia wins this week’s T-shirt. Please email your complete address and your shirt size.

and so much more!!

open phone friday, september 23, 2016, part one

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