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Come play doctor with us!

Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience. Call in and participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-Detoxing with sodium thiosulphate and the liver/gallbladder flush

-Parasites that affect sleep; Patrick’s getting closer to figuring out which parasites are in his gut

-Dee calls in from CA, she has been having a parasite problem also. Did she get them from handling too much horse manure? She shares her strategy for getting rid of them.

-Jim calls in to further the conversation on parasites. He tells us about something found in his cat’s lung which might be a lungworm

-Patrick, the sulfur man calls in to tells us how animals benefit from sulfur and how those that take it have less ticks and fleas. It’s worth a try and seems like a reasonable alternative to the poisons in flea and tick medicines

-A listener writes in to ask why her teenage son would have low testosterone and low cholesterol

-Does anyone know anything about quark? Please leave a comment below

-Andre calls in to see how Patrick has enjoyed soaking and fermenting his oats. Why are we having so many issues with grains? He shares some ideas on how to cook rice and his ideas about GMO’s.

and so much more!

Open phone Tuesday Spring


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'Open Phone Tuesday – The World is Finally Catching On – April 15, 2014' has 1 comment

  1. April 16, 2014 @ 4:20 pm Pat Maccarrone

    Dearest Patrick,
    I used to live in St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles where it was a half Dutch, half French island. They imported Quark, a delicious fermented whipped type cultured milk product from Holland back then. It came in different fruit flavors with just the right type of yogurty tang.
    So good my sister and I called it our Quark time. Circa 1982.
    By the way Herpetic neuralgia is the tingling after-effect that remains in the nerve bands after a bout of shingles or herpes, sometimes forever.
    I also worked at WPLJ back in 1976 in New York. I’m going to call in one of these days to talk about my experience with pure CBD oil (Real Scientific Hemp Oil, RSHO, a whole different experience that I believe everyone needs.

    Love you,


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