Here are some of the topics and emails talked about on this show:

Weight Loss: Weight gain, Loosing fat, looking younger with weight gain

Animal protein consumption: balancing blood sugar, wight loss, more energy and stamina, increase thyroid function

Programming:  Google, Facebook, Media, controlling speech, making speech sanitary and non offensive, The book “1984”

Healing: Too simple for most, Soul is in charge, why are so many sick and tired

Why is everyone sick and dying? MEME CONTAGION — Trance Propaganda. It’s all in the MIND. It’s all a MOVIE

There is no physical disease. It’s all mental disease. And it’s all for the greater glory of God.

Morning !! Why do I bloat with everything I put in my mouth ???

Bloat:  Increase bowel movements: walking after eating, drink water with Living Streams Multi Blend while eating, chewing really well,

When the body is Out of Time, it bloats.  Fat is 84% carbon dioxide and 16% water. 84% of fat is lost through the NOSE.

Films to watch:  The Virgin Queen, The Forsyte Saga, Masterpiece Theatre 

King Henry’s daughters’ and Queens:

Mary was born before Henry broke from the Catholic church.

Elizabeth continued the break away from the.papal church that her father started…that became the Episcopalian Church.

Martin Luther was hated by both churches.He said folks didnt have to do good works to be lived by God and accepted into heaven.

The Pineal Gland : Iceland spar (calcium carbonate) is the “rock that discovered optics.” The Vikings called it the Sunstone Crown.

Optical calcite is the most stable form of calcium carbonate, and it’s in our pineal gland. Rotating the head causes the “ordinary ray” to rotate around the “extraordinary ray.”, The seat of Soul, Aristotle said Soul possibly located just outside the brain, 

Flouride:  Disrupts the Pineal Gland,  The CALCIUM CARBONATE in the pineal gland acts like a 360-degree omnipresent Polaroid camera.

Fluoride MOTTLES and obscures the LENSES (calcareous bodies) in both the pineal and ears.

I have a question. My 28 year old son is an alcoholic and is trying to detox on his own. He is at day 8 and is having a hard time. He is ready to see a doctor but we are trying to get him to check into a clinic. He has high anxiety & agoraphobia & doesn’t think he can handle a place with group sessions. Do you have any recommendations? Specialists or a place for alcoholics to detox? And would this sauna that I’m getting help him. I would think so because it is a detoxifier but wasn’t sure if it would work for his situation.

Alcoholism:  Blood Sugar connection, Spiritual Mental and Physical addiction, Kudzu root tempers cravings, Low Dose Naltrexone

Open Phone Friday with You, Patrick and Doodle, December 14, 2018

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