“These living streams probiotics are wonderful. My gut is feeling so much better after taking them. My husband is having some very amazing help with these products. Thank you Wayne and Patrick! We look forward to your interviews with Wayne.”   – Linda


with You and Patrick Timpone


When Anything Goes…

And Usually Does!!!


We researched and found a Alpha Lipoic Acid, It is manufactured in Italy and Dr. Burt Bergson confirmed this is a good and reputable source.  He said Germany and Italy are the best sources for ALA

                                  Metabolic Maintenance Alpha Lipoic Acid


Patrick used Milk Thistle with Sillymarin for liver cleanse and it works wonders

More conversations about Low Dose Naltrexone, an interesting substance indeed

A source tells Patrick that Alien beings messed with our DNA millions of years ago as an experiment

Hear the story of how this ties into the idea that Earth is a school room and THE place to be to learn why we feel a  disconnectedness to God

Some emails:  We received around ten just like this one…see the answer above with link to a good product

I know your guest would not tell you what alpha lipoic acid was from Germany

but perhaps Meridian or one of your other doctor friends can?   If they did, can you tell me… please?

Have had all mercury out, root canal teeth out but it’s that cycle anove that is creating havoc. Unable to absorb anything. Brain fog, fatigue and heavy aluminum…

Will you please tell me what brand of turpentine you use.

Hi Patrick, I am a regular listener of the show and am wondering if Shungite could actually be toxic, and spur the development of nanotech in the body and environment. It might have positive and negative effects, what do you think please?

I heard on a program that your heart burn was cured with Blakely’s probiotics. Could you tell me what probiotics you took? I am dealing with reflux and I want to give these probiotics a try. Thanks show! Mark

Patrick you bring on the best people!!! I learned so much today that I can Add to my Health Tool Box. Please Have Dr. Marshall on again. Also I need to step up my donation giving to you. Where can you get this kind of high quality health providers and all for a one stop place. You work so hard for us Patrick to make us feel loved. I hope everyone listening will donate regularly to help you as you are helping us!!!!!!

Have you looked into the blockchain and crpyto currencies.  Would be very interested in your thoughts about this.
Thank you !!  Hope to hear from you !!
Hello Patrick,,,do you think the Democratic Party,,,is paying monies to the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh,,,to come up with the story she has concocted?Is this a legal procedeure,,can we ever know for sure,,,
I’ve been doing the pearlcium first then ellie’s protocol
Thank you for your dedication in helping us all find a better way to life our lives. I love your style and comfort with your guests. I need help to find a doctor who will prescribe LDN for me please. I’ve been sick for over 20 years and feel like I’m disappearing. Please help me. Blessings Eileen

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick, September 21, 2018 ONE

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick, September 21, 2018 TWO

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