Show highlights:

Listen to the call with Sally and you will hear some quite simple, yet profound ideas on the Truth of why the body ages. Worth it.

“A lot of good things are coming up,” says Patrick. He explains some new changes, including a newsletter and eliminating technical difficulties.

One of the most fascinating things is that this whole mask thing / corona thing is still going on. It’s been eight months
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best; we may be in for a wild ride in the coming months
“Know the Source” has been One Radio Network’s trademark since it began in 2008.

He and Patrick discuss how hydrogen may put the color back in hair.

“You can’t do too many spiritual exercises,” according to Patrick.
He does them in his RELAX Sit-Up Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Sauna.
Patrick discusses differences between pulse rates and thyroid function.
Patrick refers to “Doug and Mel” — the World Health Organization, CDC, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, the Fed, Bank of International Settlements, Military-Industrial Complex, etc.

Patrick plays an audio featuring President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his warning about the Military-Industrial Complex.

Gwendolyn Brown from Greenville, South Carolina, is a first-time caller, saying, “I love to hear about you and Doodle!”
She wants to know about Organic Sulfur, blackstrap molasses, Pearlcium, and Wayne Blakeley’s Living Stream Probiotics.

Atom e-mails about three upcoming threats from Doug & Mel.

Patrick discusses the Middle Path — the Razor’s Edge.

Marlene writes in about using a sauna in an apartment.
Atom writes in about pig-to-human transplants and vaccines.
Tom phones in from Baltimore, Maryland.
Tom and Patrick discuss Andrew Gauss and The Real World of Money.
Sally from Oregon phones in, speaking about the fires and smoke.
They also discuss South Dakota, Dr. Rashid Buttar, vaccines, Bitcoin, fear, time, spirituality, and other subjects.

“Some people who believe in mass media are going to line up to get the vaccine,” according to Sally.

One of the major reasons we age is because we believe time is real according to Patrick.

A lead on natural thyroid caps from Thailand.

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