August 25, 2017

You and Patrick Timpone


When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!

Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show highlights:

-Some folks are holding off on doing Dr. Ellie’s dental program until they see Patrick’s results in November.

-Harvey the Hurricane predicted to hit coastal Texas hard.

-Paul Craig Roberts article on Patrick’s Facebook page:  Civil War was about money and tariffs, not slavery.  Andy Gause said the same thing years ago.

-The saying “God willing and the Creek don’t rise” was in reference to the Creek Indians and not a body of water.

-Patrick predicts the boys and the media will be hounding President Trump forever.  They’re beating the drums of race issues and trying to divide us.  They’re the rascists.

-What is tearing down the Confederate statues about?  This country is so messed up.  Yet we’re going into a golden cycle in October and transitioning out of kali yuga.

-Atom says it’s better to have faith in mountains of health versus faith in mountains of disease.

-Doodle is itchy again.  Atom says itching comes in two flavors – acid itching and alkaline itching, according to Revici.  Revici’s textbook link can be found on That Crazy Pharmacist’s website by typing in “Revici textbook”.  The part about itching is on page 61 of his textbook here.   

-Carole asks for a recommendation on how many eggs to eat.

-Patrick’s fluffy scrambled eggs recipe: Get a well-seasoned cast iron pan hot.  Add oil to pan.  Add scrambled eggs to pan, stir well with wooden spoon.  Cook about 30 seconds.

-Atom says plagiarism is stealing from one person.  Research is stealing from many people.

Hour 2

-Matt asks: Does anything make your skin crawl?  Maybe Doodle is carrying something metaphysical for you.

-Do allergy shots have thimerosol in them?

-Atom says potato protein soup without the starch has higher starch than eggs.  It makes protein out of your own body using the ammonia in your body.  The more alkaline, the more protein you create.  He eats an egg a night.

-Atom’s Potato Protein Soup:  Peel raw potatoes, juice them, and let the juice sit.  The starch will settle to the bottom, which takes about 10 minutes.  Ladle out the juice, leaving the starch behind.   Dump the starch.  The juice contains potato ketones.  Cook the juice for 45 minutes in a nonreactive pot.  Can add butter and spices then.  Tastes like creamy cauliflower soup.  Serve with shredded carrots and beets, other night-time vegetables.  Sardines and mushrooms are good accompanying dishes.

-Salt-water fish uses selenium to bind mercury, according to Durk Pearson of “Life Extension”.  Selenium sequesters the mercury and keeps it from harming the fish.  Fresh water fish such as trout don’t have that mercury handling capability.

-Sardines and eggs makes guys randy.  Estrogen is not a female hormone.  It suppresses libido in women.

-Atom says we don’t get ketones from meat.  Ketones are good.  Potatoes have protein, potassium, other minerals, Vitamin C.

-John asks about the benefits from fermented dairy like yogurt.  Greek yogurt is okay, others have too much lactic acid, which Otto Warburg warned against.  Japanese eat high amounts of fermented foods and have the highest rate of stomach cancer.  Atom doesn’t eat any fermented foods.  Fermented foods are a source of mold.  If you don’t have refrigeration, then fermentation would be needed to store food.

-Apple cider vinegar is highly beneficial and doesn’t have a lot of lactic acid.  ACV cured Atom’s arthritic gout in no time.  He took 2 tsp honey, 2 tsp ACV in 8 oz of water.

-Only the manuka honey from New Zealand is worth buying.  NZ govt. runs ranking tests.  Sugar is anabolic to a point.  Get ulcers if use too much sugar.

-H. pylori is false.  Fastest way to get an ulcer is to burn or scald.  How does h. pylori figure into that?  Thyroid commonly involved in stomach ulcers.  Stress can generate ulcers.  Good to emote if doing a lot of computer work – watch a movie.

-Healthwyze says borax likely causes long term organ damage.

-Would Ken Rohla’s device harmonize the weather?

-D says boron clears us from heavy metals, which might be why people feel uncomfortable after taking it.  Many common foods have trace amounts of boron in them.

Hour 3

-Lynn says some saltwater fish have a much higher selenium/mercury ratio than others.  Shark has more mercury than selenium.  Swordfish is at 50/50, according to Natural News.

-Atom says shark is used extensively in fast food restaurants.  No wonder they are so riled up.

-John reports on supercharging the immune system with GcMAF-containing Bravo Yogurt, as researched by Marco Ruggiero.  Stephen Heuer likes Progurt better.

-TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner is the best soap and stain remover ever.  Get it here.

-A Yuga is 4.320 million earth years.  4/10 of the Yuga is the Golden Age, which 1,728,000 years.  3/10 is the Silver Age.  2/10 is the copper age.  Iron Age – the Kali Yuga, is 1/10 of a Yuga, is the pits, and is where we are now.  But there are cycles within cycles, there is free will, and we can come into our own Golden Age and not be in the Yuga.  You don’t have to buy into anything.

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