Open Phone Friday

When anything goes…

…and usually does!!!


We asked, “If you had the option to leave this embodiment now or stay, what would you do?”

Using ones dream experiences to work out karma in other realities rather than the physical

H Pylori is ubiquitous in humans, with many variables it can be a real poblem

Cream of Wheat of old was yummy, now we have choices of Organic Cream Of Rice

For the second half of this lifetime Patrick is visualizing never having to think about what foods to eat, or not eat or taking something to stay healthy other than Divine Spirit, Water and good food.

Everything is subject to change is where we want to be and not being dogmatic about this and that

Patrick and Nancy talk about some mold challenges she and hubby are having in an old home in Nebraska

Moon rocks astronauts from the alleged 1969 Moon Landing given to 

Some emails:

They’re going to have a special on TV starting June 4 I think on the channel ..about the moon whether we really went there or not might be interesting …💃🏼🐃❤️

Nancy may want to consider lobelia to support her lung health:

Christopher Barr regarding “terminal” lung cancer cases that were healed very quickly (6 months, 6 weeks, and 4 weeks).  When hydrogen water is combined with the whole food supplements of selenium, GTF chromium, and silica, results are happening faster than ever.  Lobelia tincture was also mentioned, and at 1:11:19 Chris said that there is nothing on this earth better for the lungs than lobelia.

Chris has recommended Dr. Christopher’s Lobelia Vinegar Extract over the alcohol extract.

Patrick talks about having a chiropractor order a Dakota Wedge for those interested

Here’s a site to order a set of mold kits for measuring potential mold in your home

Recently I relistened to your shows on ‘breathing’ and … sadly realized that somehow over the years I had become a mouth breather *faceplant*. Its been three weeks now, back nasal breathing and … I feel so much better. Hardly the perfect fix for everything, but hey what a great improvement I’m experiencing. EG no more feeling like Im drowning during the day (no other words to describe it). EG2 athletes foot symptoms are vanishing too. EG3 so many many many times now each and every day I smile, JUST from knowing my mouth is closed and loving the effects and simplicity of it all

Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, May 24, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, May 24, 2019 TWO


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