Show highlights:

“The Left hates the Right and the Right hates the Left. You really don’t want to do that,” according to Patrick.

He advises people not to get caught up in being “against” someone.

Patrick discusses his history as a disk jockey, and his Mind/Body Connection show with a friend.

He discusses Eckankar’s spiritual practices and guidelines.

“The body is a thought.”

Richard phones in about “natural law” and “jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.”

Patrick elaborates on Richard Maybury’s two laws.

Patrick plays a video of a nurse who fainted after getting a vaccine.

This is the last Open Phone Friday of the year.

“It’s been quite a year.”

“God doesn’t want to be adored. God is everything.”

Patrick discusses heat and cold and how he uses castor oil and DMSO in the sauna.

One Radio Network is also on Parler Free Speech Network and MeWe Next-Gen Social Network.

This helps resist censorship — examples being Patrick being put in Facebook detention and/or YouTube jail.

Atom writes in, “We’re doing Jekyll on Face Mask Book and Hyde on MeWe. Two days on MeWe, and we’ve posting at 90 miles an hour!”

Patrick discusses the massive carrier fleet deployed off the California coast. Is Trump going to invoke the Insurrection Act?

Atom writes in, “Whoever hacked Solar Winds might have our nuclear missile activation codes. Dominion quickly removed its association with Solar Winds from its website.”

Carol agrees with Patrick about loving our enemies.

Patrick plays a banned video of Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis explaining why his own PCR test doesn’t work for virus testing.

Shawn phones in from Seattle, commenting about masks and face coverings.

Patrick and Shawn discuss Costco, Tom Hanks, Hillary Clinton, Facebook, YouTube, Parler, MeWe, and other subjects.

Patrick plays a “bombshell” video of Patrick Byrne (“I Bribed Hillary Clinton 18 Million Dollars”).

“I’ve known that they were going to hijack this election since October of 2018,” according to Byrne.

Mark phones in from Massachusetts.

Patrick and Mark talk about anti-vaxxer nurses and health care workers. Patrick recommends his recent interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (Dec. 16, 2020, ORN).

One Radio Network’s last show of 2020 will be with Ray Peat on Monday (Dec. 21, 2020).

Attention, ladies! Patrick announces his “availability” for marriage and parenthood.

Scott writes in about how you can sue the nurse who gives you the shot but can’t sue the pharmaceutical company.

Patrick comments about all the meat processing plants in the US closing “due to Covid.”

He gives extensive advice about stocking up for a possible food shortage.

Patrick discusses the compromising of the Supreme Court (Richard Proctor, Dec. 14, 2020).

Mark from Denmark phones in from San Diego, California. He lives on a sailboat with a motor and just “follows the sun.”

Patrick and Mark have a long conversation about marriages, relationships, viruses, and toxins.
“Do you know that mermaids exist?”
“May the blessings be.”

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