Patrick starts today’s show off with a Cobalamin Tonic, “breaking the rules” by adding cream.
He discusses the national debt and why prices go up.

According to Catherine Austin Fitts (Nov. 3, 2020, ORN), the debt is up to $40 million.
“YouTube slammed it,” Patrick says, referring to his interview with David Icke (Nov. 3, ORN) — banned for a week by Doug and Mel.
He plays a clip from NBC Nightly News, commenting, “I can’t believe their lies.”
“The depth of the scam of this thing is just unbelievable.” Patrick marvels.

Atom writes in, “NBC Nightly News is the new Saturday Night Live. We watch it the morning after to laugh and cry. Then we’re on Bitchute the rest of the day.”

Patrick talks about the widespread voter fraud.
A caller and Patrick discuss the votes going over to Frankfort, Germany, to be counted.
Atom and Patrick discuss the Great Reset’s propaganda.
Patrick jokes about being in YouTube jail for a week.
“We’re moving over to Parler,” he says.
Patrick discusses the PER test, and plays a clip of Kary Mullis, who received a Nobel Prize for inventing the test.
“You can control this test by how many times you spin it,” he says, and explains in detail how the PER scam works.
“These people are crazy,” Patrick says about the New York Times, reading some of the fearmongering headlines.

He discusses heartburn, referring to Amandha Vollmer (Nov. 24, 2020, ORN).

Patrick is experimenting with giving blood and taking magnesium, inspired by Morley Robbins (Nov. 24, 2020, ORN).

Kroger is checking temperatures just to buy groceries.

He discusses Laura Ingraham’s interview with world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, who warned the COVID-19 vaccine is “downright dangerous” and will “send you to your doom.”
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi interview (Oct. 3, 2020, ORN).

Patrick saw a friend he hadn’t seen in ten years at the Farmers’ Market, and was asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask. “You would have thought I’d said “There’s no Jesus,” when I told him why. This whole thing is a religion.”

“The contagion theory is flawed,” says Patrick, and goes into detail.

Atom writes in, “A person receiving blood is “infected” with iron overload, shortening their lives. It’s akin to an organ transplant. Mainstream medicine claims it takes 50 units of blood to cause iron overload, but one unit is enough to be dangerous.”
“Go to YouTube and subscribe. We’ll be back soon,” according to Patrick. Check out Bitchute for the times in between.
Biden didn’t become President, Patrick dreamed this morning.

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election | The White House

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