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Have you ever had a conversation with someone you cared about and when it was over as you hang up the phone and think, “That did not go well….what was I thinking?”  During this show Patrick gives you a simple spiritual exercise how to change any past action and repair the “damage.”


When Anything Goes…

And Usually Does!!!

Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Is it possible that Low dose Naltrexone is one the few, or only, pharmaceutical that assists the body to heal naturally?

We believe that most “illnesses” out there are auto immune species and this is what LDN specializes in

Love birds Scott and Melissa visit Patrick and Doodle last Sunday and we guest it…Pasta for lunch…YUM

The crazy pharmacist, Steve Mitchel according to Atom: Low Dose Naltrexone is being used to “manage cancer.” That Crazy Pharmacist (Steve Mitchell) has written about using it on his dog. A dog’s liver breaks it down twice as fast as a human.

Patrick recommends organic beans in glass from Jovial foods..superb.  

Court in San Francisco ruled against he USDA who tried to weaken organic standards for animals

The maddening division of political interests with the globalist controlled media pitting one side against the other…as never before in the history of our only meant to keep your eye off of the ball of what is truly going on by the globalists.

Hear where to purchase a clean desiccated thyroid product under the radar at a great price

Listener Kira admonishes Patrick for getting feisty with Ken Rhola over his statement that “Trillions of Dollars are being invested in cryptos…”  Patrick takes the criticism…agrees and changes the past.

Hear how to best talk with someone and express your opinion that may be different than yours.

This past week Patrick had an “Ah Ha” moment seeing how the parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system is directly connected to all the gut issues such as:  GERD, Heartburn, Acid Reflux ad nausea.

Listener wonders what Patrick does for Doodle and heart worm protection

Pet Probiotics from Living Streams just be very helpful in increasing your doggies immune system to protect from parasites of all shapes and sizes.  We’ll see.

Loosing the neck, relaxing the next, releasing trigger points…will do a lot of things..including increasing the pleasure in your sex life..according to Atom Bergstrom:  The relaxation neck points I’m most familiar with are located between the shoulder joints and the C7 spinal process. These two points relax both the stomach and a woman’s womb (why these points are commonly used in childbirth).Relaxing the neck does exactly the opposite to Mr. Happy — hence, our word “necking.”

Patrick is about to end and start a new cycle of 12 years as he closes out six cycles of twelve years with this body

Listener asks about dry eyes for Mom..and several responses:  The “Never Again” product by Living Streams works well for hydration of skin, eyes, nose etc. Also, 5 eye baths 1 min each per eye, cold distilled or RO water works best. Combined with inclined bed therapy people have reported that their cataracts have been peeled off.

For dry eyes, at about 8 minutes into the second hour, Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommends a drop of castor oil in the eyes at night to retain moisture.  She also recommends consuming chia or flax seeds to build up the fats that help the eye structure to retain moisture.  This will also help with dry skin. 

Is it possible that the ongoing “events” in Hawaii is karma un winding for an island people’s that stole the land from the Hawaiian’s?

The more we research, we believe this Edgar Cayce Iodine promoted by One Radio Network is absolutely unique in it’s properties and strength.

Listener asks Patrick’s advice on loose teeth and Patrick shares a technique given to him by an “chiropractor” old timer..our favorites.

  From Steve: Per Dr. Jorge Fletchas, loose teeth indicates upcoming advanced osteoporosis; take boron!

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Open Phone Friday with You, Patrick and Doodle, August 24, 2018 ONE

Open Phone Friday with You, Patrick and Doodle, August 24, 2018 TWO

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