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When Anything Goes…
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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show Highlights:

-Listening to that little voice telling you what to do.

-Experiment in Great Natural Hair Color Reset – restoring gray hair back to natural color using Samson’s Hair Tonic from Iodine Source. An inner-galactic blend of Pepsin, Black Snake Root, American Ginseng, Liver Extract, and Detoxified iodine. Take ½ tsp 3 times a day orally just after meals for 10 days and then leave off for 5 days. Repeat. Consider taking Ayurvedics herbs with it.

-Carolyn Myss interviewed the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of Sharon’s favorite bands.

-Any recommended systems for well water? Get a water distiller and Ken Rohla’s Vitalizer. For a whole house system, go to

-Gloria asks what kind of selenium to get? Gary Hanna of Nature’s Pure Organics will be doing another batch of monoatomic selenium.

-Julie in MN was told by Amazon she needed a Rx for a nebulizer. What? It’s an Amazon thing.

Hour 2

-Atom says adrenal shock in the skin is responsible for gray hair. Melanin manufacturing cells damaged by free radicals. Some treatments restore hair color but only have short term effects. Must also treat the adrenals to achieve long term change.

-What would our dogs tell us if they could talk? Lynn’s dog told her “we don’t die” in a dream after he died.

-Atom says doctors successfully treat gray hair with pseudocatalase anti-hydrogen peroxide. Hyponosis works systematically. “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

-What the globalists do is always for the betterment of humanity, they say.

-Patrick recounts a cool story of how his dog, Doodle, told him she was having a problem with one of her teets.

-Can humans reincarnate into a pet? Can soul split off and be in multiple bodies at one time?

-Sharon shares the amazing experiences that happened as her grandmother and father died.

-Denise believes we’re living all our lives at the same time, living parallel experiences. There is no time. You will have at least 2 spiritual experiences in this lifetime, being born, and translating out of the body, which is the big one.

Hour 3

-We don’t go backwards in reincarnation.

-Lobelia good for lung issues.

-Gary Hanna of Nature’s Pure Organics has nebulizers, but not on website, you need to call. Say you’re a ORN listener.

-Trent used MMS to cure a recurrent severe infection. The hospital almost killed him when trying to cure it the first time. Used drops of apple cider vinegar instead of citric acid.

-JFK’s 1963 Peace Speech. Said Cold War stuff with Russia was nonsense.

-Threat of herbicide spraying on Azure Farms 2,000 acre 18 year old certified organic farm in Oregon has been allayed for now. Sherman County received 56,000 emails; their phone system went down because of the call volume. Azure and Sherman County now working on a weed plan.

-Listener asks about Stetzer Filters. Search on Dave Stetzer on ORN site. Want a Dave Stetzer meter to know how much white noise is on the wires in different spots in the house. Incandescent bulbs are the safest. Get rid of dimmer switches.

-Homeopathic sulfur 30X worked very quickly on a listener’s recurring rash. Also stopped Doodle’s incessant scratching.

-When using homeopathic remedies, keep a journal of how the animal responds. Vet Dr. Pat Bradley, a ORN guest in April 2017, uses homeopathy.

-Great Lakes Hydrolyzed Collagen. Product in red can clumps, green can doesn’t. Janet Perry’s skin looks wonderful on it.

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