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Patrick asked the question, “When do you believe comes into the body” and this email came in this morning:

“I remember when I was born. I was in this place where  it was like heavy heavy fog where you couldn’t see anything . A voice said it’s your time to go. The next thing I knew I was up on the ceiling looking down on my mother in the operating room . The doctor had me by my feet spanking me and then that’s the last thing I remember. When I was old enough to talk I always told that doctor I didn’t like him because he spanked me when I was a baby.”


Milk revisited with Patrick and bad experience he had with raw milk

Matthew calls and tells a story of how he saw anger initiate a coming out party for his shingles.

Lots of chatter on the thyroid and Patrick walks through some of Ray Peat’s ideas on how to go very low and slow when taking the piggie thyroid

Does cold hands and feet signal low thyroid function

Be careful how we talk with the thyroid and all physical body parts.

The thyroid folks were getting from Vietnam that is the real natural piggie stuff is not available at the moment

Black Cumin Seed Oil internally and used in conjunction with infrared sauna

Our bodies are simply thought forms initiated by Soul with Spirit and they sure do look and feel solid.  Not.

Life is but a dream is an old Everly Brothers tune, yet they knew something 50 years ago

We talk about four substances that were used from the medical text books in 1900.  You will be surprised at the four

Some of the many emails we talked about:

When the baby inhaled for the first time…it is signing up for life on this planet.It HAS to inhale to become part of this experience in a complete way. It can stay on life support..but eventually has to take responsibility for this life by breathing!

I read in an old medical book that whooping cough only affects infants under a year old. Older kids would get a croupy cough but recovered. After around age 12 and older adults almost never got it. They must have had much better immune systems because they lived they all those childhood illnesses.

We identify with SPIRIT during INSPIRATION.  SPIRIT is everywhere when we EXPIRE.   “I live and die daily in the Lord,” according to Paul.

We live and die every time we INSPIRE and EXPIRE.

Lyme is related to syphilis … and its aftereffects are harder to cure.

The first use of the word SPIRIT…was breath

We talked about mercury thermometers being some of the most accurate and Atom sent this baby in
Abraham Lincoln was on mercury for decades before he was President to control his syphilis.

According to Adano Ley, SOUL enters the body long before conception.   SOUL can’t be conceived, perceived, or deceived.SPIRIT enters the body at first breath.

And this one from Atom: Hollywood’s Lew Wasserman had a routine surgery, and almost died from biting down on a mercury thermometer.  Doctors operated on his esophagus and stomach to save his life.  Wasserman was in the hospital 21 extra days, and was at death’s door. He spoke with a raspy voice for the rest of his life.

My grandmother was given laudenum in the hospital in the early 1900s for several months. She was a nurse and knew she was addicted to the stuff. She didn’t use heroin to get off of it tho.
She had the dr lock her in a room for several days. She said it was a horrible experience. She ripped the sheets off of the bed and shredded them. After she went thru the withdrawal process she never went back to any narcotic drugs.

Patrick was musing about this thing he has for living in Hawaii some day and a listener sent this in for a possible for this

“Yearn” may be the word; you yearn to live in Hawaii.

Byron Richards explains why selenium is vital for your thyroid:

While listening to your show in the sauna, I heard Brian Clement’s ad. He doesn’t answer the question about what to do to replenish minerals, do you know the answer

Two heating meridians are on the big toe.  The Spleen is the body’s incinerator.  The Liver is the body’s furnace

The Thyroid is the body’s thermostat.

We talked about using the laser temperature gadget on our big toe for potential thyroid information and Atom responds

Two important acupuncture meridians are on the big toe — Spleen-Pancreas Meridian and Liver Meridian.

I bought an Ozone generator for under $100.00 from Amazon and it works very well, it’s the same idea as what Ken Rohla talked about only you can do it yourself room by room as long as you can get out of the house for several hours at a time. It has a timer on it for 1 or 2 hours or you can leave it one perpetually. My house is sooo much easier to live in now that I have used it on just the two moldiest rooms.
I also want to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying the book by Marianne Teitelbaum and thank you so much for having her on the times you have and I look forward to her being on again and hopefully get up to N.J. to see her too

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