When anything goes…

…and usually does!

Peter in Rhode Island calls in early and we dance with many subjects, including

His experience with Living Streams Probiotics

Sleeping on magnets, considering getting a sleep system from Canada

He and wife have notices improvements in sleep with Ken Rhola’s Rest Shielde

During the show Patrick mentioned Coffee Enemas and Liver cleansing and he flashed on a dream experience some hours earlier where he was in a shower  for three hours washing etc., and his immediate hit was perhaps his series of Coffee Enemas was sufficient and everything is clean

Mike in Baltimore calls in for an nice chat, some of the topics discussed are:

He is grateful for all the insights he’s gained listing to One Radio Network for nearly ten years.

One visit to a practitioner of “Visceral Manipulation” and his long time acid re flux was gone.  Wow !

Mike tells of a rewarding experience with arthritis symptoms and getting off night shades and gluten per Dr. Sherry Rogers.  Impressive

He tells about how on the sulfur he sometimes have lucid dreaming experiences full of color and he can taste, smell and touch in the other realities

Mike opines how he’s come to the point that everything is in it’s proper place at it’s proper time.  Everything

and That there is always a way.  Always.

He wonders of Dr. Patrick Flanagan may be available to come on the show.  We’ll explore this

He has experimented with oh so little bit of Vicks in his eyes at night and is going to get with Dr. Lewis to investigate his eyesight that is not as sharp these days as in the past

Bridget calls from Florida and asks Patrick about his experiences with Barbara Frank’s parasite protocol, products to get and how to use

Some Emails:

she said to write the word “love” on your glass of water to feel the love as you drink it. I also wrote a note saying “wealth” on my computer to help with my anxiety and depression about being at work. Can you explain how this works and some other suggestions about how to use this type of thing?

I want to purchase a probiotic, specifically the one you mentioned in one show that you have used directly on your eyes with very interesting results. Which one would that be or would you suggest for me to begin my experience with the LIFESTREAM Products? Thanks again.

I ordered kit from Barbara Frank and using the rose cream that I absolutely love !!!! I also ordered the shampoo which I’ve only used a couple times and liked. The big thing is I have rubbed her natural herbal lotion on my eyebrows and also a little of the rose cream and I am amazed how dark they’ve gotten !!!!!!! I had my hair colored and it turned out darker than what I wanted but now my eyebrows match my hair !!!!!! So I could see if you use that a lot how it would change the color of your hair !!!! Thanks

From Atom:

Two kinds of disease (Yin & Yang) …  Yin —> too much oxygen (inflammation)  Yang —> too much carbon dioxide (paralysis)

Goji berries are an in-between food — early afternoon or late morning (Spleen-Pancreas Time)  Some goji bushes reach 10 or even 12 feet tall.

We had chatter about the Lower Esophageal Sphincter and heart burn and  the phrenic nerve…Atom opines

The phrenic nerve is a player in heartburn because the lower esophageal sphincter is not a sphincter.  That’s why neck stretching helps heartburn and (some say) gall bladder problems.

Heartburn is not caused by an incompletely closed LES.  It’s caused by stomach geometry, distorted by civilization.

Stomach position was different 100 or so years ago (as seen in old versus new Gray’s Anatomy textbooks).  Neck stretching and diaphragm exercises help change stomach position 

Open Phone Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, August 30, 2019, ONE

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