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-Patrick talks about his screenwriting adventures over the holidays.  He believes it may be a quite viable career for some as the need for new product, (Films), will be ever increasing moving forward.  The technology is moving quickly to allow faster, easier and less expensive ways to see film.  “Content” is and will be an ongoing need World Wide.

-Patrick talks about his castor oil/pure gum spirits of turpentine experiences the past couple of weeks. Some positive signals and one full day of “die off” of something was the experience.

-He also explains clearly how to do the castor oil and/or castor oil with turpentine minus the nasty taste of castor oil

-Patrick is experimenting with intermittent fasting, for example no food from 8 PM to Noon the next day.  Past guests have suggested this ill increase Human Growth Hormones, Telemere  length and stem cells.  Just another experiment

-Also doing some experimenting with dropping off several foods that showed up “reactive” on blood test some months ago

-More chatter about the ever popular Pineal Gland.  Does it affect Souls ability to expand and travel?

-The turpentine protocol could perhaps be a benefit if some undetected “low grade” infections are running around the bodies of many Souls as suggested by a past guest, Thomas Lewis PhD.

-We wondered if anyone has gotten off of grains totally for a month to see any variance in energy levels

-We talked about Buckwheat being a botanical fruit and not a grain.

Some emails from our listeners:  

-I’m trying to sort out my teeth and my little boy’s. I love Ellie Phillips but like so many others I’m nervous about fluoride. I noticed on one show you mentioned you are doing a modified protocol with the Pearlcium. Have you found this to be as effective and would you recommend this over the use of fluoride?

-Just found these 4 interviews with Wayne Blakely, and they are fantastic.
-The basically commercial free format is GREAT!! I’ve stopped listening to much of The Power Hour because of the frequency of commercials that get louder. Also interested in some of your other product lines at the online store. I’ve “Liked” your page on Facebook; and, am going to TUNE IN more this year.

-Hi Patrick, we are very confused about the whole grounding debate. Can you clarify how to ground indoors and during the winter? We purchased the grounding mats but after listening to your old shows we think that we wasted our money

-I’m 56 and I’ve been told by my eye doctor that my eye pressure is elevated but not officially glaucoma yet. I was also told by my regular doctor that my fasting blood sugar is 104. When I wake up in the morning, the corner of my eyes are bloodshot (this just started happening). Is my blood sugar causing this? What can I do to naturally heal and lower my eye pressure as well as my blood sugar?

-I drank a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water and my front teeth enamel on the tips are a little worn. Is there a way to regrow tooth enamel? I now drink ACV with a straw.

-What can we do about about calcified veins?

-Type in illuminati backwards into google search & see where it takes you…

-Good day! Happy new you!  I heard you talking about Moccasins, where did you get yours?  Also Id like to order bulk sulfur, could you send me the current rates.  Thanks, appreciate all you do!  Have the best day ever!

-What is the best Living Streams for a leaky gut:  In our store is the Flora PM and Multi Blend

-If the pineal gland related to our spiritual life, a baby seal would be more evolved than a human being because their pineal gland is hundreds of times larger than the human grain-of-rice-sized version. (Atom)

-Patrick, how can I cash in my prize for getting off grains?? ;-))
Because I went full Paleo – no grains, legumes or fresh dairy – for 6 years… And no – I did’t feel any better…
On contrary, by the end of the 6th year my GI health and function declined, and I decided that at that point I have nothing to loose by starting gluten free grains and legumes again…
And what do you know? My GI is healthier than ever! They do provide unique prebiotic fiber that supports the proper probiotic bacteria, so this may be one reason… Ancestry may also play a role…but there are very few spots in the world where grains aren’t a traditional staple foods. Most of the “Blue Zones” centenarians have both grains and dairy in their diet…
-Have you done a water fast. How long did you fast? I’ve done several shorter fasts 3 or 4 days and a couple of longer ones,
10 days+

-From Atom:  Glaucoma is relieved by massaging the corners of the jaw. The gall bladder reflexes to glaucoma, and the urinary bladder reflexes to cataracts.

-Excess vitamin D (above 800 international units) can result in vein calcification. You can’t get too much vitamin D from sunlight. (From Atom Da Bomb)

-I noticed a similar effect with from use of apple cider vinegar as your previous emailer. I got some staining of my teeth and extreme sensitivity. Since then, I gulp down the ACV tonic quickly and then immediately rinse with clean water right afterwards. I have switched to an enamel building toothpaste and the problems have seemed to gone away


Colostrum 740 X 90 Mountains

Open Phone and Open Email Friday with you, patrick and Doodle, January 11, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and Open Email Friday with you, patrick and Doodle, January 11, 2019 TWO

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