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 Amish Farmer Sam Girod was sentenced today to six years in prison for selling a Chickweed Salve his family has been selling for twenty years.  Here’s a link, if you feel so moved to write a letter to the President and suggest he commute this obvious injustice…that would be good I think.


Article on this ruling of June 30

Facebook video with Sheriff Richard Mack



Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone
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Show highlights:

-We’re still experiencing Dickens’ “the best of times, the worst of times”.

-KY Amish farmer Sam Girod sentenced today to 6 years in prison and 8 years of supervised release after being found guilty of 13 FDA counts regarding a herbal salve remedy he made.

-Alex asks about the X-factor butter Stephen Heuer talked about.  Look for butter oil at

-Daniella says this Friday has some of the most amazing synchronicities ever.

-Listener recommends cooking grass-fed beef 30-40 minutes longer than the Meat/Stew setting on an Instant Pot.

-City life impairing men’s fertility.

-Dr. Jubb’s line was “strange and indigestible protein”.  Was he talking about lectins?  What does soaking or sprouting  cashew, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds do to the lectins in them?  Atom’s Vibrant Gal sprouts French lentils for 2 days.

Part Two

-If a podcast is missing, fill in the form at the bottom of the page to let Patrick know.

-Atom said: A Tibetan red hat lama named Norbu Chen said, “My Master showed me how to fart Cadillacs any day of the week.”

-Reba is trying to find the hemp paste Ken Rohla and Stephen Heuer talked about.  Go to the One World Whey ad on ORN and order it from Synergistic Nutrition.

-Different states of consciousness in different cities.

-Eric support the recommendation to use D-mannose for urinary tract infections.  It’s worked for him.

-Atom says some several lectins have anti-cancer abilities.  Unfortuntely the beaker boys are concocting new Frankstein lectins to fight cancer because a natural lectin can’t be patented.  Pressure cooking has more advantages than removing lectins – food retains more vitamins and flavors, because it cooks in less time.  Steaming isn’t even an also ran.

-Can we evolve to surmount the toxicities in this world?  Only one cause in this world, and that is God.  Everything else is a manifestation created through humans and are effects.  The cause can always trump the effect.  Work on all the different levels to get healing.

-Kevin has persistent GERD.  Took antibiotics for H. pylori, which is gone, but GERD is still there.  Try jasmine rice and soups, aloe, coriander.

-Linda likes her Water Vitalizer from Ken Rohla, Crystal Energy, and Concentrace.

-Shandi enjoys hearing the bird songs in the background of the ORN broadcasts.

-Dallas asks –  how we can build muscle as a vegan?

-Do past lives matter now?  If you feel strongly opposed to something, honor it, but make peace with the people you’ve been fighting.  Don’t keep the karma going, break the spell.

Part Three

-Atom says H. pylori is total fiction.  It’s easy to give animals ulcers when they are totally restrained.

-Attorney Stephen Wise has dedicated his life to getting non-human animals (dolphins, whales, great apes, elephants) standing as non-humans with rights.  See Non Human Rights and “Unlocking the Cage” video.

-Animals are soul too.

-D says fresh daily fresh cabbage juice is good for the digestive system, from one end to the other.  People report  healing imbalances in 2-6 weeks.

-Ron from the Big Island of Hawaii says it’s a great place to live.  Patrick is looking at Sedona, Colorado, and the Big Island of Hawaii.  Nancy’s thinks Patrick’s future wife is in Colorado.

-Atom says the beaker boys have labs outside US jurisdiction so they can do experiments on dogs.  The dog heart is closer to the human heart than any other animal.

-Linda suggests all the lab studies done on animals under fluorescent lights are bogus because the animals are getting artificial light and not sunlight.  Are also getting EMFs and given GMO feed.

-D says more vitamins would be retained with pressure cooking only if lower temperatures were used.  For the arguments supporting pressure cooking being more healthy, see Pressure Cooking Is Healthy.  Atom says less time is the pressure cooking factor.  Some nutrients are destroyed but others are retained, plus it transmutes some substances into more healthful incarnations.  It does destroy PUFAs and highly unsaturated fatty acids, helping to prevent Yellow Fat Disease.

-Why do souls go back to the old state?  It’s safe, no risks, and it’s comfortable.



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