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…and usually does!

Virtually all the “Natural Community” says “Milk..ugh..not good for you…get rid of dairy…..”we are the only mammals that drink milk after weaning…”  And Paleo types?  May as well put 666 on all milk containers if it were up to them.  Are they wrong?

Carol calls in right away and tells some stories of friends who are doing Barbara Frank’s parasite protocol and also a great story of farmer friend who was due to do bypass surgery the next day and changed his choice.

Carol also tells tales of a sore tummy at night for some months before using Living Streams probies and in s few weeks the pain and discomfort is gone

Patrick tells  a story about returning an ink cartridge to Walgreen’s in Dripping Springs.  Never loose hope.  Never

A listener asks, “How do we contact, really contact Divine Spirit, this essence you like to talk about on open phone and email Friday?

The wonderful world of raw milk and organic grass fed milk at the hippy food store.  Can this be as good for us as Ray Peat and Ayurveda medicine says it is?

got milk?  We go through some of the pros and cons and how to prepare milk properly

John talks about growing tomatoes in New York and helps Patrick out with some geeky technical questions.  He’s also concocted the Queen of Hungary healing formula famous for STD’s

Basti is an Ayurveda technique to put some special oil up your bum for ones listening and dancing pleasure. :)

Some mails: 

Hi Patrick.
Was listening to your discussion / recording with Barbara Frank yesterday, it was quite amazing, some of the claims she was making.

I heard you mention you were going to try some of her products.
Just wondering if you have done so yet, and what have been your outcomes.
If there are further episodes which you have discussed these issues, but I haven’t got to them yet. Could you please advise to which one’s please.

Want to see what the Demoex mites Barbara talks about look like?

Also an article about mites in the eyes…good ole’ Demodex again:  Medical Life Sciences

Barbara’s products are something special. Both my mom and I have had some detox and then improved feelings from using them for 2 weeks.! Nothing has come out of our skin, that we can see, but it’s an improvement in overall health. We’re lifetime users now! We are using the Rose Cream and Lymph Cleanse and Herbal Lotion:)

A few from Mr. Bergstrom: 

We love early girl tomatoes.  Vibrant Gal makes a delicious Solar Gazpacho Soup — tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

Many stone fruits contain B17 in varying amounts.

Umeboshi plums was my favorite source — never more than one pit a day.

Yes. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!  You can buy apricot kernels in the health food store.  Don’t chew them too well.

I have started doing fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies and I’m curious about how to use the pits from stone fruit for the vitamin b17. Is there any preparation that has to be done before I extract the seed from the pit? I’m also looking for some suggestions on what to put in for the winter. I’m thinking of maybe using apples and spinach to keep with the idea of eating with the seasons.

In response..this came in from a listener    Various foods in smoothies for various things

Open Phone and Email Friday with Doodle, You and Patrick, lots of goodies here to digest, enjoy, September 20, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and Email Friday with Doodle, You and Patrick, lots of goodies here to digest, enjoy, September 20, 2019 TWO

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