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You will hear that the first ten minutes or so of the show was not recorded.  We thought about blaming Doodle, but w think Patrick just had a fat finger episode:

We started the show with a fun call with Steve in New England.  Steve is a stay at home Dad and a true seeker listen to the conversations, Steve’s insights, questions and lovely curiosity into matters such as:  Karma, reincarnation, Recall Healing, Too much empathy, learning our lessons, Now is all there is…no kidding… such thing as having to let go of something, rather it is just not going there any longer – significant difference. 

We have a good conversation of substituting legumes for complex carbs and how to prepare and cook:

From Brandon Amalani: 

Most people do well with a balanced combination of protein carbohydrates and fats.  Have you tried increasing your soaked beans? As you probably know the best way to prepare them is to soak them with seaweed and apple cider vinegar before cooling them well. If your body thrives on carbs getting a variety of different beans in your diet should fill in for the grains and will be a nice slow burning carb source. Everyone’s body is different and needs different ratios of these macro nutrients.

Patrick talked about his upcoming cavitation procedure next week with Dr. Nunnally.  These newly discovered through a cone beam x ray procedure.  

We stick to lentils. We soak them for 24 hours, then cook them thoroughly.

The foam is water-soluble protein released from the beans. Some people skim it off, and some people don’t.

It’s said to be harmless, but maybe one of your listeners has more information.

Patrick, I read in many places (including Weston Price articles) that adding a bit of salt and apple cider vinegar to your soaking water makes the legumes, and grains in general, even more digestible… I can tell you it has made a big difference for me, as I eat them every day now

A listener writes in about sulfur: Its WONDERFUL!  I no longer get covered in oozing pustules when contacting poison ivy.All I take is that’s gotta be why I just get a little itch that scabs over and doesn’t spread into big patches.all over my body.

This summer..I’ll return to my most refreshing drink ….a glass of cool water with a splash of Apple cider vinegar, pinch of salt, a little organic apple juice or lemon half for flavoring…and a little spoon of sulfur. Perfect hydrator!

From Atom:  Ray Peat is both right and wrong about raw carrot — something to talk about Monday

Raw milk and/or raw egg precipitates and solidifies mercury, making it insoluble and harmless.

The info states using clean water while taking sulfur. So what is the best plan or filter in your opinion?

I mistakenly bought (but didn’t drink) a dozen cases of Fiji loaded with silica. I also bought Smart water because it’s supposed to be aluminum free, and a bunch of distilled water.

in General soaking time for Beans is 24 hours, and 12 hours – for smaller legumes and other grains… When time allows, I also leave both lentils and beans to sprout a bit before cooking… But I also found that sprouting to the point when the little sprout tail starts showing is not a good idea bcs it changes the flavor that isn’t as good..

Patrick and Doodle and you on open phones, open email friday, March 29, 2019, ONE

Patrick and Doodle and you on open phones, open email friday, March 29, 2019, TWO

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