Open Phone Friday

When anything goes…

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We talk about a variety of topics on open phones.  Here’s a sampling of some of them:

The Beyond Meat IPO went very well and this meat substitute product is touted to be a tasty and healthful alternative to real meat.  Ingredients are Non GMO, yet not organic.

The “Gluten free” phenomenon has offered an amazing opportunity for creative entrepreneurs around the World

We explain to Julie in California why we chose not to air the live Dr. David Jubb show we had this week.

Julie gives a thumbs up to Susan Weed’s herbal infusions with Nettle and other nice dry herbs, and we explain how to make them

Bifido II in dogs ears is what a listener is experimenting with and will report back to us

Adi Karma is explained in detail.  A special karma that is given to Souls when they come into the lower worlds for the first time, just to get the ball rolling with all the fun to be had here, i.e. more karma :)

When we give 110% is when Divine Spirit kicks in the rest.

Patrick gives his theory on man’s evolution and how it plays into Inclined Bed Therapy

Patrick opines on why the THC from Cannabis can slow  spiritual growth to recreational users

A couple of the emails: Charles Darwin wrote The Descent of Man, not The Ascent of Man. He knew the score

Who owns the world’s 5G patents?  China owns 34% of the world’s major 5G patents. South Korea owns 25%. United States owns 14%.
Finland owns 14%. Sweden owns 8%. Japan owns 5%.
after almost 12 years of using your amazing product, Living Streams, we still LOVE it and use it daily! Truly don’t even want to think about where we would be without you and your probiotics. Thank you for everything you do!
Cassie Pegg  (San Antonio, TX)
We talked about our experience with Celery Juice and Atom wrote this one:  Quality celery is sweet.  Bitter celery is from poor growing conditions or an older plant.

Open phone and email Friday with you, Doodle and Patrick, May 3, 2019 ONE

Open phone and email Friday with you, Doodle and Patrick, May 3, 2019 TWO

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