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Christmas memories:  Seven children in small house, Altar boy at midnight mass, Seafood Christmas eve an Italian thing

Jovial Foods: Outstanding organic food from Italy, 2018 Fall Harvest Olive Oil, Einkorn Wheat works for gluten sensitive bodies

The Winter Solstice:  Spring is on the way, days getting longer beginning Saturday, Full Moon…eat everything, Meteor showeer

Dreams: unwinding the day, all that we take in comes out in dreams, writing dreams down to remember more and more, The dream life is more ‘real’ than this reality

Tom in New York calls, loves our sulfur and asks some questions about Nano technology and Living Streams Zeolife in our store.  We call Wayne live on the air and chat it up.

Nano particles:  most often naturally this size for absorption, the problem Nano’s are man made in laboratory and may be up to mischief in the body

I am a long time listener and hope you can offer some advice.
My sons father in law lives in Germany, late 70’s, had a fall a while ago, has been on cortisone, so his bones will be more brittle.
Now the doctors suspect fractures in his upper spine and are mentioning spinal fusion.
It is probably too late, but…….
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Love you and Andy together. Best ever😁

Listener sent in a source for Blackstrap Molasses with under 50 calories per Tbs., said by Dr. Daniels to balance blood sugar.  This one has only 32 calories for  1 Tbs.

I got really busy putting on a play recently…and stopped taking sulfur and also stopped my morning tiny sip of urine..a practice Ive done for 3 years that has prevented colds.

After the play…For several days in a row I ate my share of treats…lots of dairy..Well…..IT REALLY CONGESTED ME….plus I got a killer sore throat!!!  Fortuneately, I got lots of bed rest…PLUSSS…I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar immediately in a little apple juice and water. But while convalesing..I drank little sips of urine all day long.  Sore throat disappeared in an hour ..thank goodness…

And within a day..I was breathing through my nose again…No longer an Annunaki Mouth Breather. Ive never recovered from a cold so fast. I thank sulfur, apple cider vinegar and my own self processed medicinal fluids.

Just think how many Big Pharma products could sit on the shelves all winter if we relied on Mama Nature’s easy solutions. If The Boys found out…they might pass a law against drinking our own urine

Buteyko Breathing in the evening helps bulk up muscles.  Exercising the TRUE CORE (hips, glutes, upper legs) does too.

Do you know? If Living Streams probiotics are refrigerated, what is their shelf life? I’m trying to figure out what size bottles to order while they’re on sale. I don’t want to order too much and have them go bad.

Hi Patrick, what is your source for organic royal Jelly?

There’s no way you can change your gene expression by relocating, gene expression has evolved over millions of years that’s why wheat is a threat to human health. To say that you can change your gene expression would be like turning me into an African or an Italian, its just biologically impossible. This comment is prompted by your suggestion Patrick if I heard you right. So its not feasible to study diets of other races and apply them to anybody.

From Atom Bergstrom:  Gene expression is EASILY changed.

It isn’t the alkaline water… it is the ( free hydrogen ) released that is the key…

Atom Begstrom writes in:
Water is alkalizing, whether it’s acid water or alkaline water .It’s not about the acid-base content of the water. It’s about the body’s RESPONSE to water.

Open Phone Friday with you, Doodle and Patrick, December 21, 2018

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