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Show highlights:

-An unsettled southeast US with Harvey damage, Irma and Jose approaching and an 8.2 earthquake in Mexico.  Is the weather being engineered?

-Ken Rohla in New Smyrna Beach, Florida is fine so far, with a generator, plenty of food and gas, the house battened down, and 6 Home Shields to dispel the hurricane winds.

-Patrick highlights the video by Kiran Krishnan “Forget What You Know About Probiotics” on the ORN front page.  Sean says it’s remarkable.

-A flexible spine keeps aging away.  Yoga stretches us physically and spiritually.  Doing work on the inner planes, such as contemplation and meditation, and letting go of things, opens us up to change on the physical plane.

-Slippery elm powder and marshmallow root are very soothing to the colon.  Great to have on hand for tummy upsets.

-Doodle is still itchy.  A divine inspiration entered Patrick’s being that maybe she has parasites.  Found the Homeopet remedy for different kinds of worms.  Doodle is on day 10, and Patrick started on it yesterday.  Today Patrick has a tummy upset.  Did he have a parasite?

-In addition to the structured distilled water always available to Doodle, Patrick first put out some apple cider vinegar for Doodle, which she didn’t drink.  She then drank a considerable amount of water with baking soda, and then some with sulfur for a couple days.   Put the remedies out for the pet to make their own choice.

-Food manufacturers want any labeling for GMO foods to be a QR code only accessible by a smartphone.  Those concerned about GMOs want mandatory clear labeling on the package.  Let the FDA know.  See the link on Patrick’s Facebook page. Billions of people don’t know about GMO dangers.

Hour 2

-Mary asks how much baking soda to add to water for a pet?  Just enough to taste it, not strong.

-Matt thought being self-taught/lone wolf and self-sufficient was “being a man”, and when that stopped working for him, he got answers when he asked the universe for them.  He discovered the ManKind organization, which is about men supporting men,  and wonders if anyone knows of them.   Unless we become like children, we don’t enter the kingdom of God.  We need to have childlike curiosity and openness.

-Jana shares news of the Parasite Summit coming on September 11-18.  She made and used her own CDS, which is a milder form of MMS, to say goodbye to her parasites.  Described in Kerri Rivera’s book.  Also used Mebendazol.

-Patrick has some fun with caller Murray Raisin.

-What is the truth?  Yes, no maybe fits the bill.

-Is xylitol GMO?  Dr. Ellie says it’s not.  Others say it is.  Mouth tissues are very thin, and some listeners say they don’t want exposure to the chemicals in Listerine, ACT, and Crest toothpaste.  Dr. Ellie says the mouth biofilm protects us against absorption of products, and the biofilm can be destroyed by whitening agents, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, sorbitol, oil pulling, and other agents.  That’s why Listerine can burn initially, but as the biofilm gets restored after a few weeks with her program, Listerine doesn’t burn anymore.  Sugar-free gum like Trident has a speck of xylitol in it but is mostly the cheap sweetener sorbitol, plus artificial colors and preservatives.

-Know who you are and don’t just believe.

Kathy said she’s been trying Dr. Ellie’s Mouth Care System and has gotten headaches from it ever since.  Could it be a reaction to the restoration of her biofilm?  She would have to keep trying it to know if that was the situation.

-Ann wants to know how to maintain young looking skin for baby boomers?   Find your perfect ancestral diet.  Drink plenty of good clean water.  Dr. Daniels says it’s more about moisture than oil.  Sharon likes TruSkin C with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.  Also Living Libations products, Aloe Vera and face yoga exercises..

-Listener made a paste of castor oil with baking soda.  Applied to brown patches on his skin.

-Atom says xylitol is birch solution.  Chaga is birch nectar.

Hour 3

-Dr. Ellie thinks another dentist is misinforming about xylitol.  Xylitol is not a sugar alcohol and shouldn’t be classified with them.  Is a pentose 5-carbon sugar.  Xylitol is made by the human body as part of the metabolic process and does generate calories.  It doesn’t kill bacteria – it gets added to probiotics.   Best way to control plaque to have a healthy oral biome.  Her mouth has widest and most diverse microbiome system the measuring dentist has ever seen.

-Patrick had a dream about Encinitas, CA and is intrigued by it.  Kira recommends it.

-John said to look at Tony Pantalleresco’s YouTube videos on skin rejuvenation formula.  One formula uses egg whites to build collagen, another uses aloe.

-We get old because we believe in aging.

-Carmen called Jarrow  Formulas and they say their xylitol is made from non GMO corn.

-Atom says xylitol is corn husk pollution and IS a sugar alcohol that causes cataracts.

-Sandy is following Ritamarie Loscalzo’s program.  Adding 5-strain Custom Probiotics with bifidum to yogurt helped improve her hypoglycemia and blood sugars.   She can eat some fruit now, has lost weight, and can go longer without eating.  Most people are too low in bifido.  Recommends Stephanie Jackson and Dr. Wendy Meyers as guests and NES for an energetic look at the body, based on acupuncture meridians.

Atom says sugars and carbs in food determines how far “up the tube” the microbiome climbs.  In some people it never gets beyond the ileocecal valve, in others it gets beyond the pyloric.  Scientists have killed the entire microbiome in animals, and they actually lived longer.  But surely there are better ways to extend life!

Open Phones with you and Patrick and this too shall pass, September 8, 2017 ONE

Open Phones with you and Patrick and this too shall pass, September 8, 2017 TWO

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