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When anything goes…

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“When are your shows going to be on video? I’m looking forward to watching them!”  –Todd


Experimenting with natural pig thyroid can be tricky, yet possible to do on ones own, with careful records and body awareness

Patrick talks about a great source of pure glass, brand new Vision cookware that haven’t been made since 2000

Virtually all the “natural” docs and practitioner are down on consuming dairy.  Why is that

The man made global warming thing is one case Patrick is willing and feels moved to truly take a side

Generally taking a side in any position, so when we take a side, we have to be responsible for the karma involved

Nothing can hurt us on any level if we don’t allow it in spiritually

We create images of God for it is just more comfortable this way

Many Souls will simply figure out how to protect themselves spiritually, and thus physically from 5G

Cancer is the biggest brand name on Earth 

People who make claims of curing cancer can and do get into real trouble

Barbara Frank’s parasite protocol appears to be throwing off lots of these little buggers in our face and head

Do an experiment to try to visualize, feel and see that it would be possible to just totally go black, as some believe happens at death, and let us know your experience.

Some emails:  I ordered a few things thru your site and ordering more tonight.
Wayne mentioned he sent you an article that he wrote called “Structured Effect”
I gave a bottle of C60 to my Daughter for her Birthday.
Without scientific info via Wayne, she may not take it because “MOM” gave it to her.
I’d love a copy if you can?  TESTIMONIAL
My eyes have been leaking guck for 3 weeks!! Same as your issue.
Did the Flora PM last night-made it twice as yucky- AMAZING
It took about 3 weeks on Multi Blend and Biffido.

I just discovered your podcasts Patrick
You are an inspiration and I am addicted to all your real information xx

A friend of mine was a clinical psychologist who absolutely thought past lives were a bunch of nonsense. I saw her one day and she was visibly shaken. She had been working with a child client and asked her under hypnosis to go back to when the issue began. She went back to another time about 50 years before. My friend said she checked the names, addresses, and other things that the little girl talked about. It was enough to shake my friend’s belief system.
Strange stuff.

Nuggets from Atom Bergstrom during the show: 

400 parts per million of carbon dioxide is supposed to be the point of no return.   50 million years ago, carbon dioxide was much higher — 6,000 parts per million.  How did we return from that?

Being a contrarian, I slept for decades with my head lower than my feet.   And I did inversion therapy for over an hour each day. Batman is my hero.

Having sssssssex is good exercise for the back!

Some have questioned whether snarky is a real word. There can be no doubt that it is; the adjective has been recorded in English since 1906. Its original meaning, “crotchety, snappish,” has largely been overtaken, however, by the far more frequently-encountered sense “sarcastic, impertinent or irreverent.”

I used to teach choir.
To help get students breathing correctly, I used to have then lay on the floor and hold their diaphragm. Then they would sing .
You can’t shoulder breathe that way. The administrators thought I was nuts. Kids loved it.


Open Phone Friday, with You, Doodle and Patrick. October 4, 2019 ONE

Open Phone Friday, with You, Doodle and Patrick. October 4, 2019 TWO

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