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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Patrick talks about his liver cleansing spring time protocol and Atom suggests having organic tomato juice with soaked raisins during liver shunt time, 1 to 3 PM Solar time

Block chain technology appears to be virtually impenetrable for hackers.  What Bit Con will be..will be, but definitely a taxable event if one makes a profit.

Bill calls from Fredericksberg Texas and he’s all into Dr. Smith’s ( a past guest), sea salt/sole parasite cleansing protocol

Patrick recommends a great book on working the meridians of the body called, “Touch For Health”

You may want to try Zach Bush’s four minute workout to keep the booty happy, healthy and youthful

Patrick vamps a bit on marijuana and believes it is quite dangerous spiritually for most users.

A few of the many emails:

How does one YAWN ???? I stretch and stretch and open my mouth wide BUT I can’t YAWN !! Any tricks to it ?? Thanks Nancy .. 💃🏼🐃❤️

Atom:  Sticking out the tongue out while working acupressure points facilitates yawning

and from a listener:  STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT – which is just as good by itself alone – and you’ll yawn any time! ANd you’ll smile too!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Carbon dioxide can make you susceptible to self-hypnosis and autosuggestion too.

Taking a hair analysis…know this:  By the way, washing one’s hair in acidic water containing copper invalidates hair analysis regarding this mineral.

Gloria asks Patrick what would he do if he wanted to loose weight.  Generally people who simply cut way back on carbs, add more good fat like coconut oil and do intermittent fasting will drop weight quickly

From D in the EU:  

TOO MANY people have already been successful in HEALTHFULLY losing weight by following the PLANS of:
1. Jason Vale Juice Master at “juice master dot com”, and 2. Joe Cross at “reboot with joe dot com”
The documentary “Super Juice Me” can be watched for free by everyone at “super juice me dot com” regarding healthy weight loss and 20+ diseases that the 8 participants had in total among them.

On staying warm from Atom da Bomb:  

Muscles store glycogen, and act as a secondary liver.  Body heat comes from the muscles, not brown fat as scientists once thought. Scientists are especially susceptible to Stinking Thinking.
Hunter wants to know what Small Flowered Willow Patrick is using

Open Phone Friday with you, Doodle and Patrick, April 6, 2018 ONE

Open Phone Friday with you, Doodle and Patrick, April 6, 2018 TWO

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